I don’t own emotion — I rent!

Saw “Rent” last night at the Birch North Park Theatre on Saturday. I listened to the “Rent” soundtrack back in high school but I never saw a production until Saturday night.

The soundtrack is still my favorite albums to listen to because it’s a reminder to live life to the fullest. You  really do rent your life, the people in your life, your talents, and your emotions. It’s been about a few years since I’ve listened to the soundtrack (for I no longer own a CD player :-(). Saturday night’s show definitely blew me away with their songs and remind me again to live life to the fullest.


It was also my boyfriend’s first time watching a musical. I was a afraid maybe he wouldn’t like it and I thought maybe the content would be a tad salty for a first musical but he really enjoyed the production. Can’t wait to take him to more musicals.

I told my boyfriend my interpretation of “Rent” how I feel that you just don’t own anything — even married couples don’t even own each other — they still rent. He tells me “yes they do! They’re married!” I told him even in married couples they still have to work to make their love stay alive with affection and devotion and that’s how married couples (actually any couple) pay the rent.

In anything you do, you have to work for it (rent) to keep the things in your life sustaining. Examples would be talent: you don’t own your talent, you rent by practicing and training regularly. You don’t own your slim trim physique, you rent by eating in moderation and exercise regularly (I’m using “regularly” in the most liberal way). You definitely don’t own your happiness or your sadness either.

My boyfriend saw it as a little depressing, maybe he’ll find out the things he enjoy in life, he actually leases. To me, I don’t mind the idea that I rent everything. I believe whatever I get out of my life is what I put into it (rent). So far after being a life renter for many years, I’m content with my outcomes and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now if only I can convince my friends and my peers to start renting instead of just aiming for the moon and have nowhere to go. Why does it take so much convincing to tell people to dedicate their work (not just hard work) for what they want. All I hear is excuses and hope someone caters on the way. Just realize your direction and figure out what you want. As soon as you figure out what you want, put your lease and pay your dues :-).

Anyways after the show, we ended the night by taking out some Heaven Sent Desserts — which is so much better than Extraordinary Desserts.

This is a Strawberry Red Velvet Parfait. The strawberry mousse on top is really good. I need to learn how to make the mousse and maybe attempt my own parfait.


Review of September goals


Go to a vineyard completed 9/5/09

Sing for
Lawrence and Mike completed 9/7/09 — I was singing. Just a pic of me changing what song I liked. But I did sing!

Give unwanted clothes to Salvation Army completed 9/9/09

Get a full time job – completed at 9/24/09 – this is the day I got an offer. My first day is October 5th! I’m so happy!

I tutored a subject, since now I live with my cousin I tutor him at math everyday.

In progress:

Complete my LinkedIn Account — i’m so far 80% complete!

Pay off my credit cards – And this is one I definitely would like to get done in less than 6 months.

#20 Watch 25 movies of the top 250 IMDB.com - so far I’ve seen “Lawrence of Arabia” and “500 Days of Summer

Have All my cleaners be green: So far I have tried vinegar.

Do the 365 day photo project – My Tumblr is my final product. It looks like I’ll be using my phone for a while.

Do 10 random acts of kindness – I donated blood. I think you should do a random act of kindness everyday–I’m referring to unusual ones.

Donate 100,000 grains of rice from freerice.com and you get to learn some foreign words.

Find 101 things that inspire me. I did two.

Register 6 dollars to wheresgeorge.com – I have only registered four so far. I want them to be either different bills or different years they were printed.

Start this trend to at least 5 people – So far I only have 1 and it’s katrinakay. I want someone to write one too.

Publish 1 article per month (2/35)


Keep this blog by the end of 101 days

For every item I don’t complete, put 5 dollars to charity.

For every item I complete, give myself 1 dollar and put it to savings.

5. Eat at least one piece of fruit per day
6. Eat at least one piece of vegetable per day

Recycle paper more often and other stuff too — I also reuse too.

35. Quit saying “like” “um” and “you know” so much (instead of swear jar, create a slang jar)

57. Take 20 minutes of my day and just organize (do this 3 times per week)
58. Study something i’ve never studied before i.e. comparative politics (currently studying piano)

67. Read the news everyday
68. Begin a green regime

Exercise and stretch at least 4 mornings a week/day.


- I didn’t eat a serving of veggies on 9/5/09.

- I changed #13 and #91 goals. That’s ok, I felt there were other items that I liked more than the ones I wrote before. Besides, you want to complete as many items as possible.

- I can’t write an article and post one every week so I changed it to every month.

Recording a year in life

I found this blogging post from Balzer Designs and she brought a few good ideas. The purpose of her blog is give other bloggers ideas of how to record a year in a creative way. She also mentioned the 365 day photo project which I’m currently doing. Anyways, I thought among her list was the Journal quilt project was the most interesting because I haven’t sewn anything in a long time and it’s pretty cool to make something out of a bunch of random scraps. In fact I decided to change my list yet again and replaced “Join Toastmasters” with “Do the Journal Quilt Project”.

How the Journal Quilt Project work?

The rules were simple: the size must be 8-1/2 x 11 inches and we were to keep notes – a journal – of our work and thoughts. The focus of my journal quilts for this year had two purposes: 1) to work with different backgrounds for my beadwork, and, 2) to work with the results of a research project of mine into the symbolism of color. I consulted many sources, and meanings and definitions were added to the list without prejudice. However, when possible, I chose to work with the more positive attributes on the lists.

from LarkinArt

Anyways this is slightly off topic but I signed up for a Upromise account to start paying off my student loans. Here’s how to get started and how to use it optimally (minus the credit card). But keep in mind, it won’t replace you paying your loans.

Change to my 101 things list

So I had to change #13 into something else and I decided to change it to “buy my own car” because ever since coming back home, looks like I won’t get my car back.

but the thing is, it won’t be my #1 priority. I can always carpool with people to work and whatnot. I mean I’ve got credit card debt to pay! Then there’s student loans (thank god for Upromise–looks like i’ll be buying online for people’s holiday presents to get that cash back to pay student loans–fyi, it doesn’t replace YOU paying your loans). Or I can buy the car off my parents…or rent a car if I absolutely need to.