Compiling my South East Asia entries

It took me a while to get around making entries for every single city I visited but I DID IT!

So to make it more organized here it goes :-)

1) Hong Kong





I wasn’t too crazy about Hong Kong. Wanted to leave early and head to Bangkok–which I did!

2. Bangkok

Ia, Ib

IIa, IIb


This city was so much fun! Wish I stayed longer! Didn’t get a chance to go to the floating markets though, a princess died the week of my arrival. Until next time Bangkok (and maybe explore a couple other cities in Thailand too!)

3. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Day one

Angkor Wat: A, B

Day two

Check out photobucket for more pictures!

4) Phnom Penh



We arrived here on Khmer New Year. Significantly less locals because they all went back to their hometown this time of year.
And this was how I learned avocados don’t grow abundantly in South East Asia.

More Phnom Penh Pics.

5) Sihanoukville

More at photobucket.

6) Chau Doc

Photobucket album

7) Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Photobucket Album

So here is the condensed list folks! Enjoy!

Think I got bitten by the travel bug–ouch!


“Frog in a coconut shell” – Thai Proverb
I got this postcard from Pattama of Thanyaburi, Thailand. I think the stamps are the prettiest stamps in my collection yet! Why can’t International postage stamps be prettier?

On the other note…

So today is the last day of banned books week and I wanted to do a review of the Twilight series because it’s actually in the list of banned books. But the thing is I only read half of New Moon and I couldn’t finish it because I didn’t like the book. I was pretty surprised it was banned because the plot is just another love story and I learned to find out that it was banned because there are SURPRISE–vampires and werewolves. Like I said–who are these people who ban books?

Also another note what was the first banned novel you’ve read?

I was thinking about the first time I read a banned book. I was 11 years old reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. Go back two years earlier, I remembered for reading time my 4th grade teacher read us the The Giver and when I got to read it in middle school as a class assignment, I was surprised how much of the stuff I didn’t remember back in 4th grade like the bath tub scene or that “release” meant euthanasia and she didn’t read the last chapters of the book. It seem as though my 4th grade teacher meant to skip those parts out.

The North Korean version of The Giver was about a boy who got the job of being able to receive dreams and memories while no one else can. That the Giver was like some sort of magician who is able to touch and transmit memories to the main boy and then the boy uses his received powers to calm a crying baby. My 4th grade class was wowed away. Reading the book myself in in 6th grade– when we were first assigned I thought I knew the story but actually reading and FINISHING the book I thought “what was my 4th grade teacher reading?”