E-mail from Stitch Fix

This definitely made my day :-):



Thank you so much Stitch Fix! When I review in the form of writing, tweeting, and/or instagramming, usually I get back a “like” or a “re-tweet” and I never think too much about it. But I’ve never received an e-mail from a company because they read my blog. It was very unexpected and I thought this was worth sharing. I really appreciate you guys reaching out.

Anyways here are a couple (long overdue) pictures of the clothes I kept from my first Stitch Fix back in December. Sorry about the terrible lighting in my apartment.

2014-01-27 21.29.58

This skirt is my favorite piece from my first fix. I actually do not have a lot of skirts to wear. I have worn this skirt to a couple of dinners. It pairs nicely with this sweater below plus grey and/or black boots.

2014-01-27 21.30.36I’ve worn this sweater for multiple occasions to work, to dinner, and casuals days with friends. The first time I saw it, I was not sure if I wanted to even buy this sweater since I already have another grey knit sweater. My fiance really likes this sweater and it felt so soft I could fall asleep in it so I ended up buying this sweater.

Commit to Three

So 2013 has began what kitchy thing will I do next?

Last summer, I went to a TEDxAFC talk and one of the lessons I learned was from Michel Kripalani’s “commit to three.” What are three things you like to accomplish for today. I thought this idea was so simple. Here’s an entry that further explains why writing three things you’d like to accomplish is great for your productivity.

Today I decided, maybe I’ll make today the day. They’re not big goals but small goals that will hopefully lead to something bigger.

1. Get a hair cut  - I’ve been meaning to get a hair cut these past few weeks but after this past weekend’s road trip, my hair has been really hard to deal with. In fact, it’s been distracting me throughout my day. My hair is long enough to play with but short enough to not deal with all the knots.

2. Stop by my sister’s house – My sister has been struggling to lose weight for a really long time. I decided to stop by my sister’s house to give her aloe juice and psyllium husks tablets. Not exactly fancy slimming tea or supplements but I thought “maybe we should start by cleaning your liver and intestines to boost your metabolism (since you barely eat).” That’s points for doing some random act of kindness.

3. Upload pictures from my camera – I take lots of pictures, but very rarely do I upload. Need to make it a regular thing for the sake of my SD card space.

I think three things is a doable feat. Doesn’t make me overwhelmed and really simple to do. I guess you can say I’ll be attempted my three things all 365 days of the year. I won’t be posting my 3 things agenda daily, just once in a while.

Happy Friday folks!

Happy Friday everybody! How has your short week been going? Anyways, here’s some articles I like to share for the week!

How Overconfidence and Paranoia become Self-Fulfilling Prophecies – I thought it was an interesting article. But really, I’ve met plenty of incompetent people who are overconfident. It’s quite disappointing really or maybe shall I say…annoying? It’s like showing off your flashy Mercedes and as soon as you sit inside, you’re not impressed. I mean the interior is messy and they don’t maintain the car very well.

How to Raise a Yurt in Four Hours-  When I get a house with a backyard, I would love to have a yurt in the backyard. It’s like a Do-It-Yourself guesthouse or maybe a gazebo. Still really cool looking!

5 Signs Your Leadership is Not Meeting Quality Standards – I love this post. Great metaphors! I’ve been reading more Project Management blogs and articles to apply my PM knowledge from my certification class. I tell myself, join the PMI and take the CAPM exam before 2012!

Happy Wednesday

Happy Mid-week folks!

I’m starting to feel a little sick trying to balance school and work, so I guess it’s time take some Vitamin C! Yesterday I printed out a practice CAPM licensing exam because I was curious about the exam and what to expect.

I sure forgot how it was like being in school. So…yes, I do feel like I’m in college because I’m taking Vitamin C (check). With all these all-nighters I had in college, I don’t remember getting sick. Maybe because I kept taking Vitamin C. When I started working however, I kept getting sick.

What else to mention…The San Diego fair is open this year. Might attend. My favorite part in the fair is the exhibits where they have all these product demonstrations. That was how I was introduced the wonders of the Vitamix and ended up getting the cost-effective Ninja blender — which by the way is amazing. With the Ninja I’ve made smoothies, salsa, dips, soups, and cookie dough. Should try making ice cream with it or bread.


San Diego fair

Also my friend asked me to attend a TEDx event at La Jolla. Still thinking about it. Tickets are really expensive. They’re 60 dollars now but in July, they’ll raise it to 100 dollars. I know attending a TED session is thousands of dollars. Besides isn’t Netflix going to have TED Talks? But there’s also TED talks in your Android apps and your nearest computer and tablet.

My friend is thinking about setting up a blog. She asked me how I am able to write about my feelings. I came up with a not-so direct answer. I don’t know exactly when I can recognize I write about my feelings so well. My boyfriend pointed out that he likes how I write about previous events. I never thought about it before. I really just think my blog is a space to write whatever I like. I told her when I was a senior in high school, my literature teacher would write a quote on the board in the beginning of class and we would write what it means to us whether it would be to our lives or the novel we were currently reading. I also remembered junior year, a lot of my classmates had Xangas and LiveJournals — remember those folks? It was funny how my classmates and I would all follow each other and write about the same event on our journal entries. I guess from there, I became more conscious about my writing because I knew my classmates would read it and talk about it with me. That was when I learned that I needed to write something worth writing about.

Looking back, blogs were the first social network and I think it will survive all this social networking hype. Reading entries on blogs are more interesting than Facebook statuses.

Uhhh…awkward much??

Look Kony 2012 is a phony!!

Uhh…awkward much?

Yesterday at work my coworker asked me “did you hear about Joseph Kony?”

And I said “what? That name sounds familiar!”

And she goes on talking about what he does and I said “oh yeah, I heard about that guy back in high school!”

And she goes on how it’s so terrible and how the US just doesn’t seem to intervene and it’s been going on for 25 years. I told her the details on why the US most likely won’t intervene (details I won’t talk to later). Of course she preaches to me to watch the video and calls all her friends to do so.

Since my computer doesn’t have speaker, I couldn’t watch the video.

I never watched the video and I am so glad I didn’t.

Though, I never watched the video there was something missing. Since I take my Nook everywhere I go I read the New York Times Every. Single. Morning.  Cover to Cover. From the front page all the way to the most e-mailed section because I care what is the most popular stories of the moment.

Anyways wouldn’t I think a Kony story would catch my eye. Besides, if I said the last time I heard from Kony and the Invisible Children was back in high school–wouldn’t I find an article on NY Times saying “Kony strikes back!” But I didn’t find any articles or any recent articles on my Nook.

Like what the girl says we should be more educated. Watch the news…figure out what trending. For the past several days I’ve only seen Syria, Greece, and Iran taking over the headlines. Not Uganda. It’s so sad to see that people post something on Facebook and it’s assumed the truth. Next time I hear from someone that there’s some sort of social injustice in the world and the source is on Facebook, I’m gonna step back and think twice. Which would I trust more: Facebook/Youtube or the New York Times.

Anyways, here’s more sources:

Charity Navigator: Be sticker shocked when you see the film maker’s salaries.

Opinion about the Invisible Children. This article was originally posted in 2006!

Do I come with a number?

Long article from the NY Times but I think it’s worth reading.

If you’re 16 and pregnant and you didn’t tell your parents yet, Target is going to find out first!

Yesterday I went to Target buying a storage unit and when the receipt was printing, it printed out a tag with “To: ___, From: ___”

That day, I also bought green beans and salmon from Target. I guess Target thought the storage unit was a gift because all I buy are cleaning supplies, protein bars, and groceries and they’re pretty much the only coupons Target has sent me.  I do go to Starbucks at Target too, and I also get Starbucks coupons from the register. Craziness!

Any coupons Target has sent you lately?

Makes me…





WINE-Y with that CHEESE-Y!


Who doesn’t like this video? Ok…actually I saw a

Just watching this video made me miss living in LA. The background brings so many memories and the people bring so much liveliness.

FYI, I know the girl said a lot of jokes but I think she was calming her nerves.

I told my boyfriend that it makes me want something like that. Maybe less people (then he goes “what’s wrong with that?”)…or maybe at least he sings.


Seven things I like Sunday

1. Magnum ice cream bars – Total indulgence and I won’t share! Get your own :-P. But it’s not something I’d buy every week because it’s so pricey.

These Rachel Bilson commercials for Magnum are pretty funny.

AT first I thought this commercial was a clothing brand commercial because the dress is so cute.

2. Bananas inside a peanut butter sandwich — awesome

3. This view

4. Polyvore – helps me out in playing dress up

5. The Farmer’s Market

6. Being invulnerable
Could play victim, could play around saying everyone is in love with me ad nauseum but I won’t. Sometime listening to those stories need to bury themselves in the grave and if I were listen to myself saying those stories, I’d go nuts–I think I have more substance than that.

Folks, I guess that’s what a blog is for–your whines and your whatevers can be posted on the internet–FOREVER!! No need to give yourself the repeat button.
7. Apartment hunting– To think of the possiblities of where to live. It’s exciting but sometimes it’s a little frustrating.