Your days are numbered San Diego!

Three years of living in San Diego, I decided to move back to Los Angeles. I got a better job with better pay and a better (stable) company. The truth was all year I was looking for a job outside of San Diego. After three years of living in San Diego, I was still in the same job title doing the same work and I felt like I was not growing here. Sure I got scouted by a few companies in San Diego but they were not offering better work or better pay. The work was either the same work I was doing or maybe less challenging work and I felt the people who were scouting me were treating me more like merchandise rather than someone who wants to grow and add more caps to their feathers.

My group leader who I’ve been working with for the past (almost) 2 years told me how surreal that I’m leaving because I do a lot of the work and I’ve always stayed on top of my work. My group leader was telling me how she was happy I was moving on. She’s not upset that I’m moving on to a different part of the industry but she sees where I’m coming from. She saw my salary and what I made for the past three years and she told me for the work I did, I should’ve gotten a much higher raise. Unfortunately, she does not have control of my raise.

I went off tangent about the salary but there’s just so much I want to write to you, San Diego. How you’re so expensive, but yet the employers collectively don’t pay very marketable wages to live here. Is it the sunshine discount you love to hand around so much? Last year, my boyfriend and his sister were considering buying a house in San Diego but it seemed like with the salaries they were making, they could never buy a house that met their expectations and constantly kept compromising but still expensive. I thought, “wow, if I move in I might be stuck here and struggle to pay the bills for the rest of my life if I don’t find better work.” So that was when I expanded my horizons and told my boyfriend to do the same.

Big mistake was when earlier this year, me and Mr. Fish announced that we were thinking of moving out of SD to our friends. The feelings were 50/50. People fully supported us and other people thought we were crazy. The people who thought we were crazy thought we were ready to leave at any minute. At the time, to me I thought the announcement meant “we were thinking about” or that “we were open to the idea of looking elsewhere.” I would have never thought of making a big deal.

About every week I got the question “are you guys still thinking about moving?” I usually answer, “actually I don’t know” or say things like “I’ve been so busy with school” or “I haven’t found anything better.” I tried side-stepping my answers because I was busy with school and getting asked by the same people week after week about our thoughts on finding opportunities elsewhere made me think people were starting to take us less seriously.

Well now it’s happened. The official news have been announced and the people who have constantly asked us week after week about us moving have sadly stopped talking to us. They haven’t congratulated us or wished us luck on our move. That’s another rant, I’ll mention in another post. It is sad but it’s their problem and I guess they were not truly friends to begin with.

Stay tune for my blog posts and my moving adventures this week. I’ll also talk about how to get through your last two weeks of an old job, not burning bridges, my attempts of moving up, and other fun stuff!

August 2012 According to My Phone

I felt August was fun. During the first three weeks of August, I felt as though I went to the beach every weekend. I’m pretty beach-ed out. Last summer, I don’t recall ever going to the beach.

These were pretty interesting. They’re like little sandbugs crawling underneath the sand (at Solana Beach). I still think it’s a baby hermit crab.

Noodles in black bean sauce — so good. It was from Tasty Garden Cafe in Alhambra. If you want to try Hong Kong food — try it here! Also it opens late! Will come back to try other items maybe even their Hong Kong waffle or brick toast.

I must learn how to make myself a Cubano one of these days.

There’s nothing like home-made pho (not by me :-P, by my boyfriend’s mom of course).

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban


From Daily Post

View from The Hornblower of downtown San Diego. My boyfriend and I took a cruise around the San Diego Harbor back in January 2012. See that yacht in the picture? Apparently, it’s one of the largest in the world. It could be mistaken for one of those navy ships if it were grey.

It’s been a while since I paid a visit to downtown San Diego or to Coronado Island.

Still recovering from my cold…

Will also add learning to surf or paddle board on bucket list…

Did another thing that I did for the first time: going to the La Jolla Caves. Been to the shores many times but not to the caves.


On Sunday, I went kayaking with my boyfriend and friends. Just to let you know, when you rent the kayaks, you’re not allowed to go into the cave unless you are in a tour group – the tour group wears helmets for safety. When you’re kayaking in the cave and when the waves get strong you WILL crash into the rocks. The weird thing is, they allow you to park your rental kayak a few meters away from the entrance of the cave and swim or snorkel to the cave. But you need to proceed with caution. It can get dangerous. Didn’t know until I swam to caves myself.

So I swim to the caves and grabbed on to a rock and just sat and people watch from the rock. It felt awesome being able to be at the caves at last — another thing to cross off on my San Diego bucket list. Then the waves happened, though the waves looked small, they were strong enough to push me back.

I was terrified and I tried to cover my neck and my head so I wouldn’t hit anything there. Since the waves were so strong, I was in an enclosed area and it was hard to swim through and grab to another rock (warning: there are some sharp rocks in the cave).

I swim to my friends telling them what happened. Even though I wasn’t too far from my friends, they told me they saw some waves but they wouldn’t have guessed I fell over. They thought I jumped off the rock and swam away. Scary. I don’t think you can scream for “help” underwater.

Overall, the wipe-out didn’t too much damage to me. I have scratches all over my arm, stomach and legs and back. My knees are swollen so it’s kind of painful to stand up from my chair or my bed. Worst case scenario would have been drowning or getting hit in the head by the rocks and got unconscious.

Maybe I should learn how to surf or paddleboard. For some reason, I always got too scared to learn how to surf or stand up on a paddle board for the fear or falling off, but getting pushed by a wave and getting hit by rocks is probably the worst case scenario when you’re at the beach (and any body of water, I must add). Getting pushed by a wave from a surfboard probably doesn’t sound too bad because I’m not surfing in an enclosed area. I would probably just land on more waves and waters.

May 2012, Anza Borrego Part II

The following day, I woke up because it got so hot. Had breakfast and went to the mud caves. Yes, it’s literally made out of mud — not stalagmites or stalactites. Just mud. It reminds me of my many attemps in making sand castles but it was really just a bucket of wet sand with random holes I poked with sticks. Never made an awesome sandcastle like this:

(source: Wikipedia)
More like:


Unfortunately we were only there for two hours because it got too hot.

A couple week before our camping trip, on the news, there was a UCSD student missing and they found his body in the mud caves. When we were there exploring, there were markers all over the place from the search-and-rescue team indicating they were here. Losing your group and having them not find you is actually my biggest fears. I rememered the days coming towards the camping trip, I thought I would fall into a hole and get stuck for so many hours waiting…waiting…waiting. It would be the worst possible situation since it’s 100+ degrees outside. Anyways, moral of the story: always stick with the group.

I believe it’s very easy to lose people or break away from the group in the mud caves. When we were on top of the caves, there were all these holes and if you trip, you might fall into one of the holes. These holes may look small but they might have a crazy deep drop. I’m not sure how one would get out? By digging themselves out or rope — but you don’t know how far you’ve gone. Plus there was ABSOLUTELY not cell phone reception.

When my boyfriend went out to scout around and told us to stay behind for a bit and he comes back asking if we heard him and we said we didn’t. He said he yelled for us several times but then decided to go back and fetch us. So you see, it’s very easy to lose yourself in Anza Borrego.

Here is Part I.

May 2012, Anza Borrego Part I

A few weeks after the South East Asian trip, our friend planned this rather random camping trip in the middle of the desert. She wanted to go check out the mud caves.

When you think of San Diego, you think of beaches and sunny weather with a cool breeze.

That weekend, it made me think “wow, this is still San Diego County?” Anyways, I enjoyed my weekend at the less conventional San Diego.

We found our campground and we learned that we were on the second to last weekend before they close the campground over the summer because it gets so hot. It’s August 10th today and according to the Weather Channel Website, it’s a 109 degrees. When we were there at May, it was around 100 degrees. In the summertime, it gets so hot that no one wants to drive all the way to camp in the desert.

I would love to come back to Anza Borrego — maybe in January or February.

When we arrived, we went hiking near the campground.


Having dinner and attempting to tell some scary stories. Actually my favorite activity in camping is grilling hot dogs over an open fire.

The best park about camping here is the stars in the sky and no light pollution. Stay tune for Part II — Off to the Mud Caves. This was the reason why we drove so many hours to the desert.

Check out for more pictures in my photo bucket!


On Saturday July 14th, I went to the La Jolla Playhouse for the TEDxAFC (America’s Finest City) and I had a lot of fun. Didn’t think I’d stay in one place for the whole ten hours. I checked-in at 11 am and didn’t leave until 9 pm.

It was a great event. Met so many amazing people in one day — the founder of Stone Brewery, a man who created the Tupac Hologram, the Marco Polo of neuroscience, Sociologist studying the Tijuana and San Diego border, a paraplegic who has climbed up 2,500 ft and skied the whole way, a rocket scientist who has reminded me the importance of journaling, and a yoga instructor who has taught us to live in our truth. I’m currently waiting for the videos to post up so I can share them with you, don’t think I’m done naming all the amazing people I met and heard them speak that day!

I am so disappointed in people never hearing TED talks and it’s kind of hard to explain what TED talks are without sounding pretentious or snobby (one of my biggest peeves because everyone assumes I am — more on that later).

Example would be when my frend asked what I was doing for the weekend last week.

Me: I’m going to a TEDx event?

Friend: Oh my gosh! You’re going to see “Ted” (as in the teddy bear movie). It looks so funny!

Me: (pause) No. TEDx event.

Friend: What’s that?

Me: It’s just a lecture from people.

Friend: What kind of people?

Me: (pause) Really smart people.

It became a little awkward from there.

Didn’t exactly know how to explain what TED was and I wanted to sound like it’s an exciting event to go to. I told her that I was going with friends (which I was) who also like to listen to TED talks online (which is true) just to make it sound like it’s the latest trend when really, the trend is that a lot more people I know have never heard of TED.

It was relief when I was at the TEDxAFC event because I was telling someone how I had a hard time explaining what TED is about and the person I met felt the same way too.

How would you explain what TED is all about?

Feels like college already

This week I felt like I was a college kid because I am doing the following:

I’m taking classes (check).

I go to PB Bar and Grill on a Thursday night with my friends (check). It was my friend’s going away party but if you’ve ever been to college, Thursday night usually means for most college students that it’s the start of the weekend. Actually when I was an undergrad, my weekend was not happening on a Thursday night. I actually had discussions on Fridays from morning until afternoon. Almost all my discussions had quizzes every week and homework about the research articles we read wrote a report about, so my Thursday night was nights in the study lounge.




Woke early to do my schoolwork after a night of partying (check). Friday evening was my coworker’s going away party so we celebrated during happy hour at a nearby bar. Saturday morning I woke up at 6:30 am just to do my schoolwork at 7 am. Most working professionals I know love their weekend sleep-in, I do too but I guess I was never a true sleep in person. Most people I know sleep in until 10 am. For me, I consider sleeping in would be 8 am and I freak out. But anyways I think sporadic sleep/wake schedules are pretty much like college.

Off topic note: In San Diego there are so many local beers. I highly recommend you try as much as you can when you’re there. When I went to happy hour Friday night, I could not believe I barely scratched the surface for local San Diego beer. I guess I’ll keep exploring.

I bought a pack of Instant Noodles (check). There’s an Asian market near my house and my boyfriend suggested a couple weeks ago that we should start buying a pack of noodles because he was going to school full time and I don’t always make dinner because we have plenty of leftovers in the fridge. I was not too sure about buying noodles since I do the cooking most days. But now since I’m taking classes, I don’t mind buying a pack of noodles and maybe make even more leftovers. My classes may be 100% online but the lessons are 2-3 hours long which take a lot of my evening. I’ll talk more about my online classes and how I manage my time.