Saturday picnic at Lake Balboa

It was a good BBQ despite starting my day by going to the dentist early morning for a deep cleaning. I got 2 more treatments to go plus I have a follow-up cleaning. These frequent dentist visits — as in once a month dentist visits are wearing me out. I accidently scheduled a cleaning on the same day as Mr. Fish’s friends wedding. Got to reschedule it again!




Exciting news

Wow, I felt like April disappeared and I’ve been busier. Anyways I’m happy to unveil Neuron Highway. Check us out on Facebook and our website! Plus we got a grant!

What else has been going on?

A couple weekends ago, we went to Brewery Art walk. Arrived at noon and was there until the the event closed at 6 pm and we still haven’t seen everything. Also it was my friend’s blind date. I was responsible for setting her up and it went really well. She thought the Brewery Art walk was his idea and imagine the guy as a hipster but he was far from a hipster. The guy imagined the girl to be a hipster and she’s far from being a hipster too. I planned the Brewery Art Walk because I thought it was the most casual event to take someone — which it was. I thought it took a lot of pressure off for the guy to take a girl on a first date to a fancy restaurant.

The Brewery Art Walk was like walking into someone’s home — which it was. The artists live in the loft but this event did make me think it was like a big house party.

Bonus: Saw Grant from Mythbusters!

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Stoney Point — a neighborhood gem!

We got to climb up all these boulders!

We got to climb up all these boulders!

DSCF8745 DSCF8746 IMG_20130317_095809 IMG_20130317_095932 IMG_20130317_101744 IMG_20130317_101804

This is probably one of the hidden gems in Los Angeles. Located in the North San Fernando Valley (suburbia), this is great for a quick hike if you live around the neighborhood. Me and my boyfriend pass Stoney Point all the time but we never noticed there was a little horse ranch right next to Stoney Point. Anyways, there are plenty of trails to explore and we can’t wait to go back again and explore the Valley’s other nature trails.

August 2012 According to My Phone

I felt August was fun. During the first three weeks of August, I felt as though I went to the beach every weekend. I’m pretty beach-ed out. Last summer, I don’t recall ever going to the beach.

These were pretty interesting. They’re like little sandbugs crawling underneath the sand (at Solana Beach). I still think it’s a baby hermit crab.

Noodles in black bean sauce — so good. It was from Tasty Garden Cafe in Alhambra. If you want to try Hong Kong food — try it here! Also it opens late! Will come back to try other items maybe even their Hong Kong waffle or brick toast.

I must learn how to make myself a Cubano one of these days.

There’s nothing like home-made pho (not by me :-P, by my boyfriend’s mom of course).

A little bit backlogged

Anyways here was New Years Weekend in LA. Me and my other half went to L.A. on Friday all the way until Sunday. It was a good weekend indeed–saw old friends, saw even older friends, and saw Elijah Wood and the mini-mart from Superbad.

Oh ya! We even met another celebrity, Lamb-Chop. She sure liked Khoi!


On New Years Eve we went to a comedy club (that was on my 101 things list).

Khoi even went on stage and met all the comedians!

And the night ended with some dessert and champagne. :-)

Was a good ending to 2011 indeed!

Back in LA for Thanksgiving!

So I was in LA for Thanksgiving. Just came back today and I’m still sick.

How convenient.

I hope I don’t get sick for the month of December!

Anyways back at home I found some long lost things in my childhood bedroom:

My charm bracelet I made in high school. (circa 2003-2004)

A map of the subways when I went to Paris. (summer 2005)

When I was Japan I bought these two modeled castles– one is Matsumoto Castle and the other is Himeji Castle (not pictured). I took both models home and I’m determined to finish it (almost five years later). (Summer 2007)

I actually did use my dad’s old calculus and physics study guides when I was in high school and in college. They actually did help. I think from what I remembered, they teach you in a form of a story–like a fairy tale :-P. I probably need these for tutoring.

My biochem book.

And a few books I read from high school (around 2003 and 2004). This is a fraction.

Also we went to the Grove–it was my parent’s first time there. Here’s some picture just admire so the view and the Christmas decoration.

Shots around UCLA

My friends and I took my boyfriend out to UCLA.

Didn’t take the typical pictures of buildings but if you want…check out the Traveling Bear Project!

The title is called “Shots Around UCLA” after all :-P.

Boyfriend scaling up the UCLA statue.

Some sign I guess for the construction workers are at the former  Bombshelter.

There’s a food truck named after my boyfriend :-P

Diddy Riese–I do miss these generous cookie sandwiches. Mines was White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie with Strawberry ice cream. Another yummy combo is Cinammon Sugar Cookie with Vanilla and Oatmeal Raisin with Chocolate Mint Ice cream.

The foodie challenge

Day 191

March 20, 2010

Went out karoaking at Koreatown and then went out for ramen in Little Tokyo. My friend’s car got towed in 2nd street but…his car wasn’t the only car that got towed, 2nd street was completely filled with parked cars and in about hour the street was completely empty–they got rid of all these cars in an hour? Cars along Cesar Chavez got towed too. There was a no parking sign due to the LA marathon but the thing was a lot of people claimed they never saw the sign. If 2nd street was empty, they would’ve thought twice before parking there. Anyways, my friend got his car back with no problem other than paying a 209 dollar fine.

I’m going to guess that the LA marathon is sponsored by towed cars. Just kidding folks…

Despite the crazy night, LA sure makes me nostalgic. You know in SD people always go “oh man LA is so terrible and so dirty. Who in the world would want to live in LA?” Well…3 million people live in LA and I lived there too and I turned out perfectly fine. Honestly I wouldn’t want to have my young life in LA any other way.