Post-wedding plans

I think it was very smart of us to plan early and got all the big things needed early in the engagement so we can enjoy a big chunk of our engagement period. But also on the way, I got a root canal and I needed to replace my car battery. We’re glad we’ve been able to have a debt free wedding and be able to pay this out of pocket on our own.

Anyways, recently we’ve noticed we’ve done more post-wedding planning than the wedding itself. Here are things we are doing after October 2014.

1. Got tickets ourselves to the Russell Peters show 

2. Khoi’s college graduation – He gradutates in June 2015. He needs to power through another year more to finish then!

3.  Khoi’s graduation gift - a trip to Italy.

4. Keeping up our food blog, j+k eat [blank] - We’ve got plenty of photos to share!

5. Continuing this blog for my rants and insight. I think I should carry around a written book more often. I’ve been carrying a lot of inspiration around lately that when I go on WordPress I forget.

We also have done non-wedding things during our engagement too such as:

1. Paint Nite and other artsy things- I attended a Paint Nite class and I will be attending more in the future. After 7 years of living nomad, I think our wall deserves something nice.

2014-06-17 21.05.182. Doing well at my job – I have witnessed that wedding planning is very distracting. So distracting it prevents people from doing their job at all. It’s EXTREMELY counter productive and I knew I needed to prevent this mistake. I remembered reading Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In,she said that the time before you have kids/get married/get engaged is the perfect time to lean into your job. It’s probably the best advice I’ve ever received and I’m happy to say it’s paying off. Which ties in my next point…

3. Self-improvement - This applies to any part of my life.

4. Saving money – Enough said

5. Write, write, write (and read) – I don’t think I am writing enough. I feel if I spent less time browsing on Pinterest and Youtube, I could write and read more. Got plenty of Yelp reviews to go through :-p.

6. Buying flowers - I always wanted to be the person who is able to afford flowers every week. Well…I’m almost on my way. I’ve been able to buy flowers for the apartment every other week and it definitely brightens up the room. I like how change where the vases are. One week I’ll leave some on my fiance’s desk and another week I’ll leave it along the bar area. I recently purchased a pot of mini peach roses. Hopefully I’ll get more soon.



Rant: 4 am

It’s funny when I first started Facebook my feed had the following photos and statuses:

  • Things people did over the weekend (usually it was dorm or house parties and clubbing
  • People hanging out in the room playing video games, studying, or smoking
  • Complaining school is hard

Now my feed has photos and statuses of:

  • engagement rings
  • weddings
  • giving birth
  • ultrasounds
  • talking/preaching about motherhood

Today, on my feed I had this status:

“It is so amazing how much you can get done when your up at 4 am with a baby laundry is done and folded dishes are done and put away _____s lunch is made coffee made just waiting for ____ to get up so i can put the laundry away lets hope today continues to be this productive”

First of all, why are there no punctuation marks? There wasn’t even a period at the end of this status.

I know I’m not the best writer but this is just awful. Maybe an accomplishment can be proof-reading your status? You did wake up at 4 am — maybe take a minute to proofread before you post your status. It’s unbearable.

Probably what made me sick was the part “It is so amazing how much you can get done when your up at 4 am with a baby”. It’s like nobody EVER wakes up at 4 am unless you have a baby. Plenty of people without babies wake up at 4 am for the following reasons:

  • Work
  • Work, because you got a long commute
  • Work, because you got a report due that day (Been having plenty of those)
  • School, because you got an exam or a report due in a few hours (Had plenty of those too)
  • You have to pee really bad and you can’t go back to sleep
  • You can’t sleep because you woke up from a nightmare
  • Something loud like sirens
  • Natural disasters like earthquake or maybe just rain :-P
  • One night stand and you got to leave before s/he wakes up
  • Getting ready to go to the gym before work

See what I mean… Plenty of people all over the world wake up at 4 am. A lot people, including myself, sees sleeping in as a luxury. I would feel terrible if I sleep in whenever I wanted everyday.

Self-psychoanalysis via the Last 5 Books I’ve Read

I got this idea from The Daily Post. I think this might be hilarious. I will go with “self-psychoanalysis” of the last 5 books I’ve read/picked up.

Not sure if it’s something I would read cover to cover. It’s been too long. I think that’s my 2014 goal. Most of the books I’ve read lately are cookbooks and reference books.

1. Calculus the Easy Way by Douglass Downing- This is actually my dad’s book when he was in college. It helped me out with my college years. You see, my fiance is currently taking calculus and he’s spending a lot of time studying. I read him an excerpt and found it surprisingly entertaining. Maybe he’ll use this book to help him with his class because he had so much fun listening to me read it. For self-psychoanalysis, it tells people I hold onto things of value and I like math.

2. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card- It reveals I only read books when there’s going to be a movie coming out soon or I’ve already seen the movie. I feel this is the first book of literature I intend to finish from cover to cover for 2014. My fiance had this book since…a while.

3. “Pure Vanilla“by Shauna Sever – Other than the fact that I love baking, I think I got this book because people do see me as “Vanilla”. This cookbook will show people to never underestimate vanilla again. I wonder if I keep cooking with vanilla, people will never underestimate me again… Maybe I am a complex and intriguing.

4. “It’s All Good” by Gwyneth Paltrow – It shows I love cooking and I bought this on impulse.

5. “Lonely Planet 1000 Ultimate Experiences” – This is a staple book in our living room. I’ve had this book for the past couple years. I bought this book when I decided to go on vacation to South East Asia in 2012. Then I went to NYC a couple months later. It’s a great book for our upcoming trips. I think we might inspire these experiences for our upcoming honeymoon. Who knows. Other revealing my love for travel — I am a bucket list freak.

Public speaking

As of Friday, I signed up for a Public Speaking Course through the University of Washington on Coursera. The course started last Monday and today is Sunday 10:11 PM and I finished the first week of the course. I need to finish my assignment which is due Tuesday.

I am taking a public speaking course to practice my public speaking. I have learned that writing is not the same as speaking. The job I am currently at — 7 months later, I learned I needed to work on my public speaking skills. I am speaking to more people nowadays — I would think it’s something I would pick up naturally, when really I need some extra practice. When I say “public speaking”, it does not necessarily mean speaking to 100 people. When I say “public speaking” — I mean the ability to get my point across at meeting (usually consists of 10 people at most). I guess there has been some situations when my mind has been so scattered and distracted that day and it shows during the meeting.

My boss told me the other day I was dragging during the meeting — which I tend to do. He knew I was nervous, which I was. I guess I was worried when I was leading the meeting it was very shorter than the previous meetings I’ve lead. I told him that after the meeting, I realized I shouldn’t have mentioned (fill in the blank) to (fill in the blank). (Fill in the blank) is so minor and didn’t affect the project — it’s useless to mention it. Every week, I’ve encountered major issues to report — I was uncomfortable that there were no issues to report this week.

He told me that knowing when and what to hold back takes practice too. In the past, I just haven’t had a lot of opportunities to do pubic speaking. I have a lot of catching up to do.

We created a food blog!

Khoi and I made a food blog called j+k eat _____”. I think it can be read as “j+k eat blank“. We are not sure how to title it yet. Maybe we’ll retitle it as “j+k eat [blank]“ because I think some people will read it as “j+k eat …” Then again, part of me thinks either title would work.

2014-04-06 03.30.09

Why did we create a food blog? 

This is my second attempt at food blogging. I created my first blog because a former coworker told me I should create a food blog since I post a lot of photos of my home-cooked meals on Instagram. What my former coworker does not realize is that the photos I posted are recipes I’ve done 2-3 times before I even take a picture. I have attempted plenty of recipes from Bon Appetit magazine but most of the recipes required a little bit of adjusting. Most of the time it’s because I thought the original recipe had too much salt or too much sugar. I adjusted the ingredients to my liking and then I share. Creating a blog dedicated to all my home cooking took a lot of work and I felt I was under pressure to create blog posts. I decided to let that go. I was not really interested in mixing my recipes blog to my personal blog either.

With attempt two, I decided to make it a little different. I still wanted to share photos of things I make but I did not want it to be the focus. I also wanted to share photos of food from restaurants we’ve visited. I think what makes it different is Khoi is part of it too. It helps when he writes and takes photos.

Khoi didn’t mind posting on this blog but I really want to leave this blog for my thoughts and non-food photos. It might be too confusing.


My grass does have flowers but I sewed them myself!

Generally I’m pretty comfortable with whatever I got in life. I asked Mr. Fish if he was happy with his life when he read this article with me. He said “yes I am because at least my expectations are realistic.”

In general I thought the article was pretty funny yet true. My favorite part was when they featured the unicorn barfing rainbows.

Anyways, just because I’m happy about my life overall, does not mean I don’t have expectations and it does not mean I don’t dream. The way I see things is that I work hard for what I want. I always tell people “you get what you give to the world.” If I performed really poorly, do I still deserve kudos? If I clearly know I did a bad job but I still had to turn it in, I already know what to expect (back to the drawing board). And if I get a bad evaluation and they didn’t like it then I’m most likely not upset because I already had it coming. I tell myself I’ll do better next time.

Example would be at work, I had to draft one proposal for a project and now I had to draft proposals for two more projects. The thing is, I never written a project proposal before so I tried my best to write my best first proposal. I look through past projects on how they wrote their proposals, looked online for ideas, and researched more about these upcoming projects. I drafted and my project manager took a look and sent me back with revisions and comments. I corrected my revisions and I replied to my project manager regarding the comments why I wanted these key questions there. But overall, I didn’t think it was too bad. Like I said I did my best.

What I don’t understand is that there are people who do a half-assed task and knew they did a half-assed job but then when they’re told they did a bad job, why do they go on some rant/rampage on twitter/facebook/instagram on how the person who told them so was a jerk and they really did work hard on their half-assed task in the first place?

The Unemployed Series: Cleaning the House More

The most replies I get from people when they told me during their time of being unemployed was that they cleaned their place a lot.

Yikes! I realized I need to catch up on that. I may have gone to the gym (which by the way I am thinking of letting that go since I need to train for the tough mudder. That means train myself for 10 miles of TRAIL running!) but as soon as I go home, I move less. I get attached to my laptop and try to look for jobs, look for networking events, do side projects, and plan out my week. Also my butt is glue to the floor or the bed/couch (FYI, we live in a studio apartment. We don’t have a chair.)

She looks very pensive.

She looks very pensive.

I was tired of sitting on my floor looking for jobs, writing cover letters, scheduling events, side projects, preparing for my upcoming interviews, and Coursera classes. So I decided to stand up and take a break. I looked around my apartment and realized maybe I haven’t done as much as I thought because my apartment is a mess!

Maybe I’m just hard on myself… I haven’t cook in a while either. Actually I try to make an active effort to go outside during the daytime to volunteer, participate, network, etc and save job hunting at night at home. It forces me to move more.

Anyways last Wednesday, I decided to stay in. I exercised at the yoga studio in the morning and stay in at the apartment to prepare for my upcoming interview the following day. After staying in, I realized I was the floor for 2 hours straight and maybe sweeping and moping the kitchen was overdue so I took a break to sweep and mop the kitchen.

Then later that day, I get a message from a friend she needed a place to stay for a couple days until she is able to move in her sublet but school starts on Monday. Decided that I got to clean the bathroom! Got to make the place nice for my friend to stay over for a couple of days.

I’ve always put off cleaning and decluttering because I’m always “tired” or pre-occupied with something else. I can see it now as something to clear my mind and take those occasional breaks to stand up once in a while.

Week three of living in LA…

Sorry I have not updated in a while. I barely got the internet.

Before the internet:
“eh…I can live without it for a week.” – Week one. I spent most of my time going to yoga classes that week an cleaning.
“Ok…Wednesday is fine. I can wait another three days.” – Monday of week 2
“What? Are you kidding me? I was misinformed! I have to wait tomorrow!” – Wednesday of Week 2
“Who on earth wants to be served by lying people like you!” – Thursday of Week 2 after hearing that we were going wait until Tuesday of Week 3. Plus we were told that a technician came over on Wednesday when we were told a technician never showed up at all.
“Oh ok tomorrow between 1 to 2?” – Same day just four hours later after shopping for other internet service providers.

Before the internet, week 2 was awful. Mr. Fish needed it for school because school starts next week and he needs to look for a job. I needed it to communicate with people and read the news. Wednesday and Thursday was when I spent 8 hours on the phone total and I felt awful! Instead of going home to talk to my boyfriend, as soon as I got home I would call the internet service provider and the phone call took a lot longer than I expected. Way too long. I would even talk to them through my dinner time and it was just an awful feeling. I should be talking to my friends and family on the phone instead of talking to customer service.

Life after the internet — great. Crazy how it makes such a difference. I love getting my NY Times every morning on my Nook. I love typing on the keyboard to update on my blog, to write messages to old friends on how I’m doing, looking up things to do in LA, and also let’s mention looking up ways on how to be successful in a new job. We love watching movies off our Amazon Prime and just that feeling of being connected and aware what is going on. I feel the internet has improved our overall mood and I hope it carries itself over. Maybe the internet might help me in my practice of being more assertive.

I know I have a smart phone but using 4G and a touch screen keyboard isn’t the same. After a while, I just got tired of texting.

20 dollars groceries – I believe this would be week 5


This week I spent 19.52.

Thank you sprouts!

In the bag:
– Green leaf lettuce
– instant oatmeal (99 cents per pound)
– 1 lb of tomatoes (on sale for 88 cents per lb)
– cucumber
– 2.4 lb of beef ($10.64)
– 1 lb pears (88 cents per lb)
– red onion
– 1 carton of eggs (not pictured)
– 3 limes (0.75)
– half gallon of vanilla coconut milk (got a dollar off coupon)

Not bad… so far, me and Mr. Fish have done a really good job being within budget. As we’ve shown, you can live off of 20 dollars worth in groceries and we’ll keep doing it.

As I told myself, I think it’s time for a food blog due to a special request.

In other news…

Have you seen the gas prices in California?

I thought it was very hard to go out this weekend. I was planning to go to LA on Sunday but instead I didn’t, I just played tennis at the park and studied for the CAPM.

Thank goodness for Amazon Prime. I think with these rising gas prices, I don’t mind buying things on the internet for deodorant and toothbrush heads and other basic things. I’ll just stick with driving my car for going to work (some days I carpool), going to the Pilates studio twice a week, groceries, and going to my CAPM exam.