Dear Mr. Miserable,

Maybe the reason why you had an awful time at Disneyland on Friday is because you were yelling at the McDonald’s cashier that morning telling her she was stupid and she should quit her job. You gave her a miserable day and she gave yours (but I think you deserved it) and it was at the happiest place on earth.

Clearly you knew that your day was going to go downhill because you made it that way. You even admitted it too.

Please don’t tell me about your weekends until you become more humiliated. I don’t think you learn that the lesson here is
“You get what you give to the world”.

Simple as that.

See you later (the later the better),

Took this out of the streets

Poor dog. These “owners” didn’t treat it well and my roommate went for a walk and bravely took it in and will put it in a good animal shelter tomorrow morning.

This dog use to bark at the most random hours of the night. We thought it was the neighbors directly downstairs but later we realized it was the dog in the next complex over and he’s probably a stray. He barks at the random hours of the night because he’s cold. You’d think the “owners” would be nice to take it in to make it stop barking.

But no. Instead they ignore the bark and leave it outside the house. No leash, no collar, no home to be bound.

Like what my roommate said, these “owners” don’t deserve to own the dog.

Moonlighting–err…Dusking…as a tutor

Since last week I’ve been tutoring after work about 2-3 times a week.

A few months ago, I left an ad for tutoring because I had plans to go back to school and take some classes. I thought tutoring would help refresh my memory. I had a few people responding to my ad and I responded back and I never hear from them again.

Then all summer and up til now I forgot I ever did post that ad.

Last week, someone responded to my ad and the following day I started tutoring her daughter in math. The next session after that, the mom asked me “when she’s more confident in math could you possibly tutor in other subjects too?” Nice! I got myself a client!

After work I tutored again and the mom asked me “could you also help my other daughter with school too?” Sure…why not.

After a week of tutoring her first daughter, I noticed she’s gotten a lot more confident in math. Always good to know that I’m helpful :-).

Both her daughters go to private school, looking through both the girls agenda books the pile of homework looked pretty overwhelming for their ages. I don’t remember getting that much homework back then.

Anyways it’s easy supplemental income without committing to having a second job. I get out of work everyday at 3:30 and I tutor around 2 to 3 times week week at 4 and I usually end at 5. So my day ends at 5. It’s the easiest 20 dollars (per session) I’ll ever make.

I thought maybe make it a challenge to only live off my tutoring money. I don’t mean use my tutoring money to pay rent…just gas, groceries and miscellany. It helped me save trips going to the ATM to get cash and less temptation to use my debit card because I now get a 5 dollar monthly fee for every time I swipe my card–even if I swipe once for that month.

Using cash would also help me feed my cow. Bessie is looks really hungry.

In other news…my boyfriend makes his debut post. Check it out!

Would you let your significant other guest-post on your blog?

Seven things I like Sunday

1. County fairs


2. One line journals

3. Sleeping before 10:30

4. Waking up before my alarm goes off and I’m not tired :-).

5. Lifting weights – It lifts my moods up too!

6. Blooming Onion


7. Doing RAK — such bringing your coffee creamer to work. I bought this coffee creamer (caramel macchiato to be exact) for my house. I only used it twice so I decided to bring it to work and have it in the break room otherwise it would’ve just expired in the fridge the next month.

Just in time for the holidays

Making my second trip to Good Will donations center.

On Friday I donated stuff to Good Will–my roommates and were cleaning out the house and we found two pieces of art work, a lamp, bedsheets (not from us), a few pairs of sweat pants, and I brought my bag of clothing.

Today I decided I’ll make a second trip and donate my chair and a rug (neither of them belonged to me). It feels so nice to clear it out!

Happy Holidays!

So update:

- what’s up with this facebook meme of changing your profile picture to your favorite childhood character to stand up for child abuse? Changing your picture doesn’t help a child not get hit just like announcing your bra color doesn’t prevent breast cancer.

Yes I did change my profile picture to Winnie the Pooh but first I donated to ChildHelp. I highly recommend to those who change their profile pictures to contribute as little as 10 dollars. If you’re changing your profile picture to say you’re “aware” then donate! Besides, it’s the holidays–let’s give! I mean as much as I was eyeing that dress to wear to the company holiday party, it ended up going to ChildHelp. Oh yes, this complete another thing on my list #49 Do 10 random acts of kindness–so far 3/10.

Honestly Winnie the Pooh isn’t my favorite childhood cartoon–in fact I don’t even remember my favorite childhood cartoon. I just chose it because I remembered a while back I told the eye doctor how Winnie-the-Pooh characters were a representation of mental and social disorders because he kept saying Pooh jokes.

What else? Oh yes work holiday party!

Grr…yes…my eyes do get chinky when I smile–trying to work on that! :-P

And the night ended with pool.

Day 178

Here are some postcards I am sending for Postcrossing:

I am sending one to France–and I even wrote it in French, one to the Netherlands, and the other one to Colorado. I am sure there is a postcard for my part of SD. Also it would be neat if I sent out postcards to places I’ve been if I’m traveling and sending it to some random person in the world telling them I am spending New Years in NYC or something like that.

Work in Progress: #49 do ten random acts of kindness

Of course, I won’t stop at 10 acts–always incorporate kindness in your daily life. So in my previous post, I was discussing what makes a RAK a RAK and listed examples from other blogs. As far as RAK goes, I’m talking about unusual ones–something you don’t do everyday such as give a generous tip when these servers least expect it, bake cookies and send them to the police station, etc, etc.

Today, my first RAK was donating blood. Everyday I always say “I will donate blood today, I will donate blood today” but I never get around it. I just happened to be in Ackerman and I thought I will donate blood today because I am already here, I might as well do it.

So folks why should YOU donate blood?
For Health:

  • giving blood every 6 months leads to fewer heart attacks
  • donate blood reduces excessive iron stores in the body (excessive iron contributes to heart disease and free radicals in the body)
  • (from
  • get newer blood cells


  • People need your blood more and will be grateful
  • You feel good that you helped someone out
  • It is a win-win situation
  • free t-shirts, cookies, coffee and juice
  • I got free movie tickets one time
  • Some of my friends would get coupons to let’s say Taco Bell
P.S. I would like try to donate my bone marrow too, I am actually in the registry. I took a class on stem cells my senior year and seen the video of the procedure. It’s invasive but it saves lives.

What is "Random Act of Kindness"?

Number 49 I listed I wanted to do at least 10 random act of kindness (RAK). To me, I find this definition extremely vague. I really don’t find holding the door for a stranger an act of kindness–I just see it as a courtesy. Also there’s the other type of action that people mistake as “kindness” is being a doorknob which I really am not going for. So what are examples of RAK? 

Just doing the little things such as

I would say this a little different from volunteering because these acts only take a few seconds to a few minutes to do but it still makes people smile and make you aware of your personal social responsibility (

Also keep note of the following dates:
World Kindness Day: November 13th
World Kindness Week: November 9-15th (from