Completed #94 Be an extra on a film set

Better! I’m the star of being science commercial :-P.

In my role, I close the centrifuge and I pull out an ICE CREAM SANDWICH…I mean…cell from a cryo-freezer. It was kind of awkward because the centrifuge couldn’t shut close!!

Now I can add being a scientist in a commercial onto my resume.

What other print and film work have I done?

Well…I was as on the front page of the local newspaper and I was wearing a duck costume and I was six years old. My mom kept the copy and her friends were calling her “why is Julie’s picture so big and Bill Clinton’s picture on the front page so small?” Yeah! I shared the same page as Bill Clinton and I wore a duck suit. :-P

Being from LA there were lot of film sets even in my high school and around town so I played in the background but I never saw myself on TV or a movie. I mean those film crew workers shoot over and over again so they do cut stuff out. But I remembered back then it was so fun walking up to the film crew asking them if we can be in front of the camera.

In college and still living with my parents at the time, I volunteered to be in the Measure M campaign for my hometown. I was a “student” in a room people playing other “students” and we had to pretend we were in a crowded classroom. It was fun just chatting and doing homework while people take pictures but I never made it to the final product and that’s okay. I was surprised to find out that some people did take the fact they weren’t going to be in the final cut…well…really personally. Don’t know why…It wasn’t like this was for money anyways.

FYI, this was all unpaid work just for giggles. So lesson learned is that being a background actor does not launch any sort of acting career. If you really want to be an actor to start get an agent and join a union.

Finished #33

Host a dinner party!

Which me and my roommates did Friday night!

It was small. It wasn’t exactly a party party, more like a wine and dine party. No beer–all wine. Not intentional–everyone just so happened to bring wine to the party. But it was a lot of fun.

Progress on my list

so far
24. Start saving up for retirement
25. Start up my emergency fund
90. Dress up to the nines (10/10/09)

24. Start saving up for retirement – from work I got a matching 401K. But I’d also like to diversify my retirement portfolio.

25. Start up my emergency fund – Thanks to my deposit check I got to start on my emergency fund. Honestly I don’t know how much yet I’d like to reach.


90. Dress up to the nines (10/10/09) – I tried out San Diego nightlife– wow it’s expensive and they expect me to dress up. Can’t get away wearing jeans to a night club I guess… I guess I should dress up more often…I hope there will be pics soon from my friend’s camera because my camera decided to die. I hope to get a new camera soon *crosses fingers*.

2 down and 3 to go!

So I finally got Alice to do the 101 things list–her goals are pretty similar to mine. We should definitely do #70 which is finish a marathon–not a reading marathon but a running marathon.

So please make your list!!!
Anyways I completed #64 on Tuesday which was go to the Farmer’s Market and buy vegetables! yay!! I will definitely come back next time–they even have crepes at the farmer’s market.

Review of September goals


Go to a vineyard completed 9/5/09

Sing for
Lawrence and Mike completed 9/7/09 — I was singing. Just a pic of me changing what song I liked. But I did sing!

Give unwanted clothes to Salvation Army completed 9/9/09

Get a full time job – completed at 9/24/09 – this is the day I got an offer. My first day is October 5th! I’m so happy!

I tutored a subject, since now I live with my cousin I tutor him at math everyday.

In progress:

Complete my LinkedIn Account — i’m so far 80% complete!

Pay off my credit cards – And this is one I definitely would like to get done in less than 6 months.

#20 Watch 25 movies of the top 250 - so far I’ve seen “Lawrence of Arabia” and “500 Days of Summer

Have All my cleaners be green: So far I have tried vinegar.

Do the 365 day photo project – My Tumblr is my final product. It looks like I’ll be using my phone for a while.

Do 10 random acts of kindness – I donated blood. I think you should do a random act of kindness everyday–I’m referring to unusual ones.

Donate 100,000 grains of rice from and you get to learn some foreign words.

Find 101 things that inspire me. I did two.

Register 6 dollars to – I have only registered four so far. I want them to be either different bills or different years they were printed.

Start this trend to at least 5 people – So far I only have 1 and it’s katrinakay. I want someone to write one too.

Publish 1 article per month (2/35)


Keep this blog by the end of 101 days

For every item I don’t complete, put 5 dollars to charity.

For every item I complete, give myself 1 dollar and put it to savings.

5. Eat at least one piece of fruit per day
6. Eat at least one piece of vegetable per day

Recycle paper more often and other stuff too — I also reuse too.

35. Quit saying “like” “um” and “you know” so much (instead of swear jar, create a slang jar)

57. Take 20 minutes of my day and just organize (do this 3 times per week)
58. Study something i’ve never studied before i.e. comparative politics (currently studying piano)

67. Read the news everyday
68. Begin a green regime

Exercise and stretch at least 4 mornings a week/day.


- I didn’t eat a serving of veggies on 9/5/09.

- I changed #13 and #91 goals. That’s ok, I felt there were other items that I liked more than the ones I wrote before. Besides, you want to complete as many items as possible.

- I can’t write an article and post one every week so I changed it to every month.

Completed #15: Sing for Lawrence and Mike

Why on earth did I come up with this goal? Well they said “Filipinos are usually good singers. You’re Filipino so I am sure you have in you.” So I finally sang. It’s my last week in the co-op so I should do it anyways. Hopefully someone would upload the pictures…

I did karaoke so I sang a lot songs such as Bohemian Rhapsody, Sweet Child of Mine, Hot and Cold, Lady Marmalade, Your Song, Crazy (Knarls Barkley), etc…etc..etc…

Let the packing begin!

So this week is my last week at the co-op and I started packing TODAY!!! And gave some stuff to my parents (2 trash bags full). So I decided to follow #57 which is to “Take 20 minutes of my to organize.” I found this tip in Self magazine and 20 minutes for just cleaning and sorting out junk mail does make a difference. On my list I know I said do this 3 times per week but since this is moving i’m probably going to do this everyday until move in day.

Also this week I am going to call Salvation army #32 to donate some unwanted stuff. I went online to make an appointment too.
I completed #79 which was go to a vineyard and I went to four of them!! that was fun and the scenery was pretty. Since I finally found my charger TODAY I hope my friends have pictures so I can post here.
Is there something I didn’t do this week? Yesterday I didn’t eat a serving of vegetables. Oh well…five dollars to charity it goes (see my sidebar). But overall it’s been going really well, I find myself not eating muffin anymore but rather fruit. My late night snack is fruit too.
I’d like to start #46 Start the 365 Day photo project and it’s going to start on my last day of the co-op–when I move out. I’m curious where I’ll end up from the co-op.

Completed #79: Channeling Sideways

Off to Santa Barbara yesterday doing the classy thing as in wine tasting and checking out the vineries–not trashy not to mention cliche(*cough* Isla Vista). The scenery is sure pretty but too bad I just found my charger TODAY!!! Hopefully my other friends have pictures so I can post them!

I only tasted wine in Sunstone and Kalyra between the two I like Sunstone because they even had a free dessert wine and a recipe to take home-which I will post later!!

FYI, your trip to the vinery with your friends is very subjective it’s not black and white where everyone will like the same thing. Anways here is the vineries we visited and the winelist we tried for the day.

1. Sunstone (
P.O Box 1747
Santa Ynez, CA 93460
Phone number- 800-313-WINE
Tasting fee: 10 dollars

What is so special about them? Sunstone is 100% certified organic vines and the scernery is beautiful. Feels like you are in Tuscany.

The wine list:

1. 2007 Chardonnay – Santa Barbara County
2. 2007 Viognier – Santa Ynez County – My favorite
3. 2006 Syrah Rose – 94% Sunstone Estate Syrah, 6% Viognier
4. 2006 Estate Merlot – 100% Sunstone Estate Merlot – this is what they are famous for. And it’s my favorite too.
5. 2005 Rapsodie du Soleil 100% Sunstone Estate, 89% Syrah, 5% Viognier, 3%
Grenache, 5% Mourvedre
Bonus: Sunstone’s Sangria Blanco (will post a recipe soon) because it’s really good

2. Kalyra (
343 N.Refugio Rd
Santa Ynez CA 93460
phone: (805) 693-8864

Tasting fee: 10 dollars (I split this one between 2 other friends because I budget lke that)

What’s so special here? have you seen “Sideways”?? They filmed this movie here! “Kalyra” is abiorigine for “wild and pleasant place”. Also the grapes come from Australia!

Wine List

1. 2007 Sauvignon Blanc
2. 2008 Unwood Chardonnay
3. 2007 Kalyra Riesling – my favorite
4. 2006 Barrel Select Sangiovese – my other favorite
5. 2007 Old Vine Zinfandel
6. 2005 Grenache
7. Black Muscat – eww
8. 2005 Vintage Port – eww–I guess I’m not a big fan of dessert wines #7 is a dessert wine too.

FYI, I didn’t drink in the last two but I’ll post these anyways because my friends liked these too.

3. Zaca Mesa (
6905 Foxen Canyon Road
P.O Box 899
Los Olivos, CA 93441
Phone number: 805-688-8796
Tasting fee: 10 dollars

What is so special about this place? Specialize in Rhone varietals. Has HUGE chess pieces–great for the kids to play while they wait for their parents.

Wine list:

1. 2008 Estate Z Gris
2. 2008 Estate Viognier
3. 2006 Estate Roussanne
4. 2006 Estate Grenache
5. 2006 Estate Z-Cuvee
6. 2006 Estate Syrah
7. 2005 Estate Z Three

4. Firestone (

P.O. Box 244
5000 Zaca Station Road
Los Olivos, CA 93411
Phone number: 805-688-3940

What’s so special about this place? If you join their wine club, you not only sign up to 1 winery but 5. I didn’t drink at this place but my friends thought “it was ok”.

Tasting fee: 10 dollars

Wine list:

1. 2007 Chenin Blanc
2. 2008 Sauvignon Blanc
3. 2007 Gewurstraminet
4. 2007 Cabernet Franc Rose
5. 2007 Cabernet Franc Rose
6. 2006 Syrah
7. 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon
8. 2004 Merlot Reserve

anyways it was nice saturday. We had to leave early though. I really wish we went to check out the lavenders in Los Olivos though.

Looks French huh?