My first Rent The Runway Review

I rented my first dress from Rent the Runway (RTR) for my upcoming engagement photoshoot on Sunday since I do not have any formal dresses. A little part of me is glad it’s a rainy weekend because I am thinking about postponing the engagement photoshoot. Ok…the weather said there is a 30% chance of rain on Sunday but the truth is, my first RTR experience didn’t turn out the way I was hoping to. Another part of me does not want to cancel it because there won’t rain on Sunday and it’s just so hard for me and my fiance to plan this photoshoot. We can’t do the photoshoot during the weekday since I travel for work and my fiance goes to school at night. Plus I have to check if the photographer is even available the next Sunday to do a photoshoot. That same day I even scheduled a makeup trial and I might need to see if she’s available next Sunday too.

I ordered the dress hoping it would arrive on Thursday. I really think it would have made a difference. Instead I received it on Friday night when I got home from work to find that it picked out one dress in the wrong size (waay too small). I didn’t even bother trying to wear the wrong sized dress. So I tried out the size only to find out the zipper was extremely sticky. My fiance and I took so many tries to pull up the zipper. It was very frustrating. Putting the hook was no problem but the zipper was tough work. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous dress and I really wanted to wear it and my fiance knew I wanted to wear the dress but I would hate on the day of the photoshoot we’d be tired and frustrated all because of a stupid zipper.

I know on the tag it said RTR would deliver another  dress overnight…but receiving the dress Friday night, I probably won’t hear from them on Saturday…would I even get another dress on Sunday? I really wished I got the dress on a Thursday night.

I’m sorry RTR that I’m being very sour, but I really don’t have time to shop anymore and I can spend more time doing the things I love instead of search high and low for that outfit I saw on Pinterest. I had a few nice dresses in my closet that I ended up I giving away a few months later because I found myself no longer wanting them. I like how I can rent the dress for an event and just return it without it taking space.

I can’t believe I have to think about going through all that trouble of changing the date of the photo shoot because of a zipper. *sigh*

Moving Day!

Last night living in a studio! Today is packing day! But first I need to type this report for work… We got a lot of our clothes packed, kitchen stuff, and craft boxes packed at least. Lets hope for a smooth move :-).

Oh yeah…Happy Valentine’s Day!


Moving Day!

Last night living in a studio! Today is packing day! But first I need to type this report for work… We got a lot of our clothes packed, kitchen stuff, and craft boxes packed at least. Lets hope for a smooth move :-).

Oh yeah…Happy Valentine’s Day!


Been to the dentist 3 times this week….

Sorry I have been MIA this past week. I’ve been very exhausted…I thought I got this blogging down to a routine until I got a toothache two Thursdays ago. It was so painful, my neck was uncomfortable. I took some ibuprofen and my neck pain temporarily went away but not my toothache. Then on Friday, the toothache got worse but I also had a neck ache plus an ear ache AND a shoulder ache. On Saturday, they did the first steps of the root canal. Then on Wednesday was the root canal. Thursdays I got a cold. And Saturday I got my temporary crown and I still got a cold but I still went to the Tet Festival because we planned it anyways and I ate solid food for the first time in a week. I was very tired.


Trying to smile through my sore throat, my cold, and my exhaustion…

Also we are in the process of moving. Yup, Mr. Fish and I are leaving studio apartment life for a one bedroom apartment. I will definitely do a post about things I learned about living in a studio apartment.

Please don’t blame Pinterest for ruining your life! series

So for the past couple days I made these yarn balls. I’ve seen them at stores and they’re pretty expensive. So with a little bit of Pinterest research, modge podge, yarn, and balloon you get:

2013-12-18 21.40.18As you can see on your left, this is 90% finished product. I started that one on Tuesday night and I added more yarn today (Wednesday). I think after this, I need to remove the glue residue and probably put on a final coat. Not sure what to use. But so far, I’ve squeezed this yarn ball and it’s pretty strong.

On the right, I would say it’s 50% there. I made this one today. When I think it’s ready, I just push the balloon around to make sure it’s really dry. When it’s really dry, I pop the balloon or I can just let it deflate overtime. If I like, I can add more yarn and it should give it more structure and weight. I have seen Pinterest fails like these:

0bed67ad-baba-4274-b38e-3c1b79858976-366-510 yarn-balls-400x639I’m not sure what they did wrong here but it require very little materials and I am probably thinking of using these as part of wedding decoration because it’s cheap and I made them and I know I can use these decorations beyond wedding. I can’t wait to experiment with different balloons and strings and just overall decoration

Here’s a few takeaways to achieve a Pin Win:

1. Take your time – Start small. I pretty much have made them one at a time. Maybe because I don’t have the space to hang them anywhere else other than my floor lamp. At first I thought it was silly but after having a Pin Win on my first attempt, look who’s laughing now. Also it takes a while for modge podge to dry. And if you don’t like to pop balloons, you can just let the balloon naturally deflate which also takes some time too.

2. It’s a messy project – your hands will be covered in glue. Enough said.

3. The most time consuming is placing the modge podge-covered yarn on the balloon. I’m not sure if it’s something that gets better with practice.


Hey check out!

So K goes “Check out ‘’?’

Me: Are you kidding me?

K: Just check it out!

So I checked it out and got that image you see above.

Me: Do you really think I give a time of day to see this and find who deleted me?

K: Well I saw the newsfeed and I thought it was funny.

Me: So useless! Besides the people who deleted me are people I’ve only met once and that was it.

Well it turns out that K thought the URL was really funny but I do wonder who would care to find out who deleted them from their Facebook?

I’m not the type of person to bother about deleting friends. I just like it decay and have them delete me.

June 2013 according to my phone

I keep forgetting that I have a grid app on my phone.

Anyways in the beginning of the month (June 7th to be exact), I got let go from my job. I saw it as a sign that maybe it was time to move on to something else.

Also the beginning of the month — pre-layoff, I went to Las Vegas. It was the first time in three years! Maybe I enjoyed it more than the previous times. Went to my first show which was Mystere — can’t wait to watch more Cirque du Soleil shows!

I was pretty productive during unemployment. I explored around other neighborhoods, cooked more, read more books, read more of “The Week” articles instead of skimming through, wrote more Yelp review, and was being more active. I participated in Ciclavia which is biking around Downtown LA and I can’t wait to do that again!

Of course I looked around for jobs and volunteered and networked. I learned it’s better to save your online job hunting at night. I felt so unproductive job hunting during the day time since I knew everyone is outside being busy during day time. So I had find things to do outside the apartment during the day time.

We also started UCLA Startup Accelerator Orientation. Can’t forget that’s what I did on my to-do list.

19 days after I got laid off I became employed. The great part was that it’s in Project Management and it’s in Public Health.

Great news!

As of yesterday, I’ve been unemployed for 19 days and I get a call that I got the job. And it’s a career I’ve been wanting to pursue for the past year. When I first started working, I met this lady on the bus to work. She was working as an administrative assistant in UCSD and talked about Project Management and the books she’s been reading. I didn’t think too much about it since I just started my first full time job. About a couple years into working as a Manufacturing Lab Associate, I became to realized that I love working in collaborative environments and participating with different departments and making things work and improving a process. I wanted to get into Project Management but I didn’t know how.

I took free online classes, earned my professional certificate, joined the Project Management Institute and earned my CAPM. It took about 6 months to get there.

But later on, I learned that career changes are a lot more than just taking classes. I learned you also have to really start over. But I didn’t learn that until I moved to back to LA.

On my time off, I did pro bono work at a non-profit. I was assisting the Project Manager and recruiting more volunteers and managing volunteers, creating a calendar of events, and doing correspondence with other volunteers. Time was pretty tight since I volunteered Monday and Tuesdays. I was working at my full-time job as a Manufacturing Associate from Wednesday to Saturday.

I’ve been doing Manufacturing in the Biotech and Pharma Industry for a total of four years. I did wondering where would I take my Project Management skills once I got my hours and earned my PMP?

Then one day I got the ax. I guess things do happen for a reason. I spent my time networking, doing side projects, and volunteering and participating by day. At night I job hunted and prepared for interviews. I was a busy unemployed person.

It looks like I got what I wanted with the salary I wanted. I guess I finally got my big break. My next topic would probably be about alternative career choices if you’re a science major. 

By the way, I still have not received my unemployment check.