Almost finished

Thank you Valspar Antiquing Glaze!

Also the paint I used was Glidden Duo in Deepest Aqua (can be found in Home Depot and Walmart). It made the perfect Tiffany Blue. They sell this color in a sample size.

Also I got the drawers from IKEA — the wood was untreated. Perfect for those who like to get a little be creative.

This one is before I put glaze.

Here are the “after” pics.

This part of my room is empty but I’m really happy to make thing happen. I guess my “to do something creative everyday” is really coming along. The paper underneath the drawer is actually liner paper. I should start cutting that out :-P.

My finishing touch would be replacing those wood knobs for brass knobs and it would look complete.

My next upcoming project would be make a bookshelf for the empty living room.

Finish line!

I finally completed the 365 day photo project and I’m surprised I went through the whole thing. It’s interesting how much has changed in a year and how fast it goes by.

Day one was my last day at my student job with a thank you card and day 365 ended with rugala–not very climatic but hey other interesting things happened along  the way. Like the hot mess that happened on my birthday which I won’t explain but feel free to e-mail me! Also I remembered starting day one, I had no job and I was back in truck town. Then in a couple weeks I ended up in San Diego in a neighborhood called Mira Mesa with my aunt and uncle. Then a couple months later I moved to an apartment. It was extremely minimalist. Since neither me nor my roommate never had the need of buying furniture in the past, we had an empty living room throughout our whole lease. I finally found another place which is nice–it’s a charming townhouse and our living room is furnished and I finally have a bed frame!

What else in regards to looking back–well, I started work in October and I realized I have not taken a single day of vacation and I was really lucky to have a coworker to give me a spare standby ticket and off to Bay Area I went to meet up with friends I haven’t seen in a while :-D. Check it out herehere, here, and here!

Here’s some fillers too from here and here for recap.

It was fun doing a 365 photo project. It makes me look back at all the things throughout the year and how much I enjoyed them both good and bad. I think it also helped me eased my transition from moving from LA to San Diego though I feel like I haven’t quite established some strong relationships yet. Well I have few–very few. Lots of fleeting folks that come in and out like a revolving door and I wonder when I’ll be introduced to them again. Sometimes I get lucky and I do see them again–times I think it’s like some sort of second chance or maybe they’re really friendships worth making.


Day 365


Whoa, last day of my photo-a-day. I was thinking of going until the end of the year but since the project is called 365 Day Photo Project, it stops there. Anyways, I’m happy to end it with rugala!

Anyways it’s pretty late, I’ll do some recapping later…I got work tomorrow.

Day 363

At North Park’s Heaven Sent Desserts. This my third time this week I’ve been to this neighborhood–first time on Friday after happy hour with the coworkers–we went bar and club hopping, second time at this jazz bar, and third showing a friend around the neighborhood. People  told me this place is where a lot of the young professionals live around the area and a good place to meet them too. It may  be too farfetched but I’d like to live in this neighborhood when my lease is up (btw, my lease would be up next year).

Day 361


Went to Legoland with my baby sister! Like I said, I love miniature models and there’s this section where they have replicas of cities in Lego form. My favorite one was the Hollywood Bowl because it made think of the times I would go to the Hollywood Bowl growing up to watch the LA Philharmonic play. Speaking of which, I got my violin!!

Day 360


September 4, 2010

Went Red Fox Steak Fox with Alice and Christy and ended our dinner with martinis. Haven’t had a French martini since…well…I was 19. My older friends bought it for me.

FYI, I feel like I’ve been bar hopping a lot more lately.

Day 359


September 3, 2010

Some days when I’m stressed out or distraught I head over to my friend’s place to spend the night. There are some days or nights where you just want to vent and you don’t feel like being at home for a few hours.

The night ended bittersweet.