Wedding plans

On getting ready for friend’s wedding:

Me: I was getting ready and waiting for you to pick me up and as I was waiting my face full of makeup was melting. I had the fan on too! Then I thought if I were to have a wedding I would like to have it in the winter so I wouldn’t sweat like this.

Boyfriend: yeah sure.

Me: It would be nice if there was some snow too. [If it ever snows in Southern California.]

Boyfriend: How is everyone going to see you?

Me: What?

Boyfriend: You want snow and you’re wearing white.

Me: Not just white. There’s also cream or ivory. Besides we can also have a snow machine like in Disneyland so we can have can snow in Southern California.

Boyfriend shakes head.

I remembered back in my senior year in college, if you were sick, people assumed you had swine flu…

At my age of 24, female, working, and living in San Diego; if you’re sick people automatically assume you’re pregnant.

To be precise, I have the common cold. This was from results of studying and going through my Project Management classes, researching my ventures, making contacts, and exercising 3 times per week and travelling between San Diego to Los Angeles this past weekend along with the suddenly cooler, greyer weather from the last two weeks have been very hot and humid. In other words, I didn’t find time to rest when needed.

Back in college, when I stayed up late studying, I took Emergen-C packet. They definitely helped a lot otherwise, I’d be be sick all the time in college. When I would travel, I would take some form of Vitamin C in tablets or in packets. During last week, I only took the Vitamin C tablets when it was too late. When the weather starting changing and my nose started to feel stuffy. I should’ve taken those Vitamin C’s when I knew I was going to have a lot on my to-do list all colliding at once. This week is has just been more studying for Project Management Class (I’m almost done — just two more classes!) and taking care of myself and once in a while, go outside from my apartment or my lab to breathe the fresh air.

Back to the first statement, I don’t understand why people assume just because a girl in her mid-twenties, she has to be pregnant. Maybe it’s because it’s San Diego — during my three years here I have met a lot of young mothers who had kids as young as the age of 19 and now they’re my age with two kids. Never had I encountered the peer pressure and the questions of me having a kid anywhere but here and I reply back “yikes! I’m only 24!” or “oh there goes my hopes and dreams…” Then I think “shoot, he’s 24 and he has a kid. Hope he wasn’t insulted.” When people make that assumption, it is very tempting to say back “has it occurred to you that I work a full time job, study, cook, clean, and pursue multiple hobbies? Well, ALL THIS is a full time job! You guys should try it.” It’s tiring but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love keeping busy especially when I have certain goals in mind. That’s why I keep going.

Well I didn’t tell them THAT part and how my busy life factored to vulnerability to getting sick. Instead, I’ll try to lose ten pounds (or more doable, five pounds!) and tell them “yes this cold definitely got to me.” Got to start running around park on days I don’t go to the Pilates studio.

Starting to form fruits — yay!


This could also be an Urban Post for the Weekly Photo Challenge even though I already posted photo this week.

Here’s picture of my tomato plant finally forming tomatoes — I’m so excited! I’m please to say that pretty much every item I’ve planted in my porch has been successful and it’s been hobby I’ve been doing for the past 8 months.

I’m finally fully recovered from my cold in other news..

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban


From Daily Post

View from The Hornblower of downtown San Diego. My boyfriend and I took a cruise around the San Diego Harbor back in January 2012. See that yacht in the picture? Apparently, it’s one of the largest in the world. It could be mistaken for one of those navy ships if it were grey.

It’s been a while since I paid a visit to downtown San Diego or to Coronado Island.

Still recovering from my cold…

Banana pancakes :-)

This was an easy recipe (Blogilates) –just one ripe banana and two eggs and feel free to add whatever toppings.

Can’t believe this is gluten free and processed sugar free! It’s amazingly good — now I need to perfect making neat pancake circles!

P.S. I have a cold — need to make it go away. I think it was all that travelling and studying and multi-tasking that’s been bogging me down :-/.

Just another cynical post…

Ok, I hate mentioning this again but as I said, every week I heard the anxieties and expectations in a relationship and I have to pull the Kate Middleton card or my cousin’s card or my college neighbor’s card on their 5 plus years of relationship which eventually leads to marriage.

I learned in the past year that there are many, many people who find that sticking around for a five year or seven year or ten year or fourteen year relationship is just not worth it. Actually for many people two years is their threshold — the year that determines he’s really a keeper and maybe he should pop the question at this point. If you don’t think it’s happening, then do some psychology on your significant other, drop hints by taking him to Robbins Brothers or Tiffany’s and having wedding magazines all over the house and telling him your dream wedding and ask him who would be his best man at your wedding and maybe he’ll put all these “hints” all together.

I have to admit, I have kind of tried this method to my boyfriend but it felt so unnatural. Actually, I didn’t take him to a Tiffany’s store more like showed him some sapphire engagement rings I saw on Pinterest to give him the hint that I don’t want a diamond-center engagement ring. Anyways maybe he understands that I prefer something a little bit more unique but I would never drag him into making him get a ring. I really don’t believe relationships are a race. There are no medals or pedestals even if you do live in a nice house or have the best things or clothes.

I really don’t think those who rush to get the ring and walk down the aisle really love each other more than people were together for so many years. I, myself, don’t even have a set deadline of when to get married or think how many years of dating would it be until I drag him to a jewelry store. I guess I feel the more I hear it, the more I have the need to fight it off and remind myself that these milestones don’t  determine my self-worth. In the meantime, my focus is getting better in life as I get older.

Another lovely addition to my garden


My red chilli peppers are starting to form flowers. This came from a seed — I thought this would never grow. I decided to transfer this pepper plant to my roommate’s abandoned Celosia plant box. The Celosia was dried and brown — in fact, it was so dead, I was able to pull out all the Celosias without any problem. That means there are no more roots.

I have some dying plants and dying wild flowers I want to pull out but it turns out their roots are still going strong so I’m going to give those dying plants another chance.

Anyways my roommate didn’t really take good care of the Celosias. Several times during the year, his plant kept dying because he never took care of them. Then when I got into gardening, I would take care of his plant and his Celosias came back to life. Whenever his plant came back to life he’d tell me “Thank you for taking care of my plants, so now you don’t have to take care of them anymore!”

I ignored his request and I still took care of his plant because at the time, I had 4 different plants to take care of, I didn’t think watering another plant would be a problem. So a couple weeks later he reminds “you don’t have to take care of them anymore. I’ll do it myself!”

So I follow his request and his plants would start wilting and turning dry again the next month. And then I would take care of his plants again and that’s how the cycle goes.

Well now since my roommate moved out two weeks ago and left his Celosias, rotting and abandoned. I decided maybe it’s time for something better and prettier to start expanding its roots.

My 25th birthday is coming in 2 weeks

My assignment for myself is to write a list of things I’d like to accomplish by the time I turned 30. Not sure how many things I would like to put on the list. As I’m reaching 25, I’d like to say that I’m proud to have gone as far as I have — got my reason to.

The people around me have kids, always tell me (jokingly, I hope) that “I’m next.” My reply back is “God, I hope not.” Then they don’t say anything back. I guess they weren’t joking after all.  Even though I’m happy with everything I’ve accomplished, I think I can do more.

Some people’s bragworthy moments is buying a Infiniti G37 (on a high interest loan) by their 25th birthday. Some people’s bragworthy moment is creating the wedding of the century. For me, my bragworthy moment is travelling to 5 different places (4 countries, 1 different state) in my 24th year. Also on top of that, I’m taking classes, networking, trying to do something big (wil disclose later), and I even got the attention of TEDxAFC and meeting interesting people. But you know what, I feel I worked very hard for getting as far as I did. Some people would tell me “well sorry, we’re not rich like you?” Not true! I live on a very modest income — try typical entry level pay — like “just graduated from college” even though I “just graduated” 3 years ago. I cut back on certain things and I try to make no effort being flashy because I don’t have a lot of money, but then somehow my “flashiness” emerges. Guess I’m doing something right.

Anyways, what will “more” entail? Will it be more countries to explore? Another city to move to? Finishing whatever needs to be finished? Still mentally making this list.

Do you guys or have you guys made any list of things you’d like to accomplish by a certain deadline? How did that go?

Healthier ice cream

Banana “nice cream” sound like the latest trend in health and fitness blogs. If you have bananas that are starting to turn brown, put them in the freezer and later toss them in a blender or food processor.

For me, I added coconut flakes, walnuts, and chocolate chips. Yum…

You get your potassium, omega-3s, and a touch of chocolate in one dish.

I even told myself to try cutting off from desserts for three weeks too. This is hard for me to do when I know I have to cut back on the ice cream (cake, cookies, etc), I eat Greek yogurt. After while I get tired of Greek yogurt and go back to eating ice cream again.

I posted this picture on my Facebook and people had no idea it was really bananas.