Wednesday thoughts….

In one week I’ll be going to NYC!! Still need to pack! But I do have a list of what clothes to wear on my trip. I still need to find myself a dressy shrug or a dressy jacket to go into those nice restaurants.

So follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@itsjuliebear) to follow me in between my posting and I’ll follow you back!

I’ve been going back into the habit of walking during my work break. I forget how hot the weather is starting to get. On Monday, I came back and my skin felt really warm at 9:30 in the morning.

Last week, I went and saw “Prometheus” with my boyfriend. Highly not recommended for the super religious and expecting mothers *shudders*. Had to tell my pregnant coworker before she went out and watched it with her husband.

Studying for my CAPM is all right. Maybe after my NYC trip, I’ll apply to take the test.

Might sound a little trite but I do have an Adele song stuck in my head and my boyfriend and roommate ABHOR Adele. There are events that I’m hearing around me (and not ABOUT ME thank god) and the intro part of Adele’s “Rumor Has It” starts to play in my head. Then my head starts going back to the soundtrack of “Rent” which I actually have been singing out loud since Saturday and I think it will be a while for me to stop (I don’t want to stop). The Rent-Head in me has unleashed. Last time I was singing “Rent” songs was back when I was 18 when I first listened to the soundtrack and played it everyday until my CD player broke.

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