tacos, beers, and pizza — oh my!

Since I am doing The Biggest Loser – Work Edition and it’s been a week, it’s been kind of a challenge controlling my eating during the weekend and special events. Also trying to workout in a fast state (I’ll talk about that later). I guess the big reason why I participated in this contest other than the nice prize is because I want to find myself in control again. But…

One of my life rules is to attend all events when invited. When you go to events there’s always food and alcohol and I have to admit, I can consume A LOT of food and alcohol.

On Thursday was my boyfriend’s mom’s birthday and we had Korean BBQ. It was the first special occasion since I started the contest (which was the day before :-P).  I was able to control myself, ate enough to satisfy but not to stuff myself to the point I had to un-button my pants. I’ve had plenty of unbutton my pants moments and I don’t want to get to the point where I can’t even button my pants. Maybe because I just started the contest, it was easier to control my eating.

St. Patrick’s Day was a friend’s housewarming party. My boyfriend and I made chicken stir-fry so I ate that. Then there was beer–had only one beer and I told myself that’s all I’m going to drink. Then later couple more guests arrive bringing in carne asada and corn tortillas and guacamole. Ate some of those and decided to get another beer and I told myself “I can’t drink anymore” — besides this is how I gained the weight. Then later more people arrived with more beer and liquor and the friend made Irish Car Bombers. He sets those aside (really bad idea) and then serves them. Had that too but the Bailey’s separates and becomes solid. It was really gross so I didn’t finish that. Later on, someone ordered pizza and had a few of those too.

On the way home I told my boyfriend how hard this contest is going to be and I feel the only way I can win is to NOT go out. But that’s unrealistic. Another challenge I find in this competition is avoiding that feeling of “fearing” food. I thought the housewarming was a nightmare (haha). I needed to think this differently instead of freaking out “omg they brought pizza/beer/beer/carne asade/’beer” to every guest who walked in the apartment.

On Sunday, another friend invited us over for sushi. For dinner at her place, we had sushi, cream cheese wontons (I wanted more!), hard boiled eggs (wanted more of that too!), salmon topped with onion dip and fried onions (I made this too and it’s my favorite simple recipe), and cake pops. Was trying to avoid that fear of eating and be more sensible of HOW MUCH I’m eating. I told myself in my head to eat to the point I’m satisfied, not to the point where I unbutton my pants.

So my first week of the contest made me realize how a typical week goes. There will almost always be events or something to do with pigging out from Friday to Sunday. This weekend, it looks like Friday is a coworker’s birthday at some bar. Saturday is movies and later a coworker’s birthday at another bar. Then Sunday is a friend’s birthday at Temecula winery in the afternoon and ends with dinner and cake.

You see, I still want to stick with my rule of attending events when invited. I like spending time with friends I haven’t seen in a while and I like trying to talk to coworkers I’ve never really talked to before at work. Not participating and not living it up doesn’t seem very appealing either so I don’t want to stop attending birthdays and dinners for the next two months to win. Besides even if I did win and not attended any events, it would be really hard to maintain the weight once I go back to partying, dining, and drinking again. Yikes!

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