Happy holidays!


Here’s the food from Wednesday night’s party.

It was the long overdue apartment warming party/Pre-Christmas/Pre-New Years Eve party.

The most frequently asked question was “why have a party on a week night?”

My invite says “why not let’s live for the moment!” The real reason was that it’s before Christmas and people are most likely traveling the following day or Friday so it was perfect for us.

The menu for the party was pad see ewe, papaya salad, Korean meats for Korean BBQ, kimchi, spinach, Caesar salad, lettuce wraps, spring rolls, fried banana, fish, pumpkin pie, and mini cheesecakes.

It was a good turn out. My friends met Lychee but we are most likely not going to keep it. I’ll talk about it in another

Instead I’ll include my simple recipe on my mini cheese cakes. It serves 12 people.

– gingersnaps
– butter
– 1 egg
– 1/3 cup of sugar
– 1 8-oz of cream cheese
– 2 tbsp of vanilla extract

We wanted to add some cherries on top but forgot to pick them up at the store.

Anyways, crush the gingersnaps until fine and blend with butter you can add as much butter as you want but you don’t want it so buttery it falls apart. Place your gingersnap mix in the muffin pan for the cheesecake crust and put it in the fridge to set.

In a separate bowl, mix the remaining of the ingredients and put the cream cheese mix in the muffin pan and put it in the oven for 15 minutes at 350 degrees.

Take it out and let it cool and enjoy!


No excuses


At Solana Beach train station waiting for our departure time to Los Angeles.

My boyfriend took a picture of me doing pilates in the train station.

With 40 minutes to kill and a stiff back from two days ago, I’m still stretching and doing pilates even in public places. No excuses.

Besides, I feel my back is getting stronger.

Here’s to kick off the holidays!!

Today is the last day at work before Christmas. I finished work and I’m heading back home to Truck Town.

Anyways here’s a screen shot of my latest Facebook status.

Not sure if I’ll be defriended for calling my folks average. Anyways just read it — it’s a short read and I think you might find it inspiring.

I’ve been working for two years in a 9 to 5 job. I’m grateful for it that I even have a job and it’s in my industry but somethings I just can’t stand the attitudes and the negativity of my colleagues and just being around certain people.

How do I define negativity?

Negativity is:

- making yourself believe that this guy or girl you’re chasing after is even interested in you

- making yourself believe that the ONLY ONLY way that this guy or girl is interested in you to make you happy

- having that mindset that having the latest internet-ready-3D TV or spending the night at a fancy hotel or getting your nails done would make you happy

To me negativity is just letting yourself believe that happiness is tangible and it’s probably the way to set yourself up for failure.

You see the latest hottest TV will always become yesterday’s passing failure and there’s always a chance that boy or girl of your dreams will walk away from you.

What does one do when that happens? They react, they chase for next hottest TV and chase for the boy or girl of their dreams. It becomes an awful cycle.

I hear this same cycle from the same type of people and there have been times I’ve snapped and said “and I’m listening to this why?” I understand people need an ear to lend to but if you’re telling us your problems and you obviously need help then why make the same mistakes? I’ve known you and your problems for how long? There’s just no point in giving advice and telling the truth if you’re really seeking help.

A recent example would be when a colleague of mine has been talking to her ex-fiance even though it’s been a year since they broke up. Her ex-fiance has been doing every possible awful thing to her during their relationship and that’s why they broke up. Recently when she mentioned him, it seems like they still talk and she comes off that she still needs him. To me, I thought after they broke up, they didn’t speak to each other again and it made me sick to think that they still talked to each other.

I always believe we accept the love we think we deserve.  When I heard about it, I felt like all my times talking to her and giving her advice was a waste of time. She told me writes in her journal about all the negative stuff about her ex and I said “instead of writing a journal about your ex, why not write all the positive things. Nothing about your ex at all. Write what makes you happy, what makes you grateful that day.”

She tells me back “Well…shopping makes me happy but I’m broke.”

Me: It doesn’t have to be shopping.

Colleague:Working out makes me happy but my foot is still healing.

I thought I was dealing with dead weight. I’m sorry I can’t come up with a euphemism to write in this blog but I’m just typing how I really feel.

I guess I felt shot down because throughout the years I’ve had a blog and the people who know that I did, they always tell me I inspire them somehow. Not exactly sure how. Some of my old friends have messaged me that it’s impressive that I am willing to write about a part of my life and I’m willing to share to the world. I remembered working at UCLA, a few acquaintance who would stop by my work would tell me “nice list” or “that’s so inspiring.” I try not to think too much about it. It still blew my mind that my acquaintances or even people I haven’t seen in years were reading my thoughts.

There’s more to that…but I won’t go over that…

For the past two years I’ve been listening to the conventional way because my friends are going to med school and grad school because it’s the way to go. Been pondering and studying around…but for the past two months, I found myself wanting to write a novel and start a small side business. I feel the efforts I’ve put to writing and doing my art is much more rewarding than going to graduate school (at the moment).