Mon zen no kozō narawanu kyō wo yomu

So my boyfriend know I have a blog so now he knows what I do in my free time and when he’s not around…

Now I know what he does in HIS free time. I already know he works on cars and electronics and now he can add one more to his list of hobbies--he reads my blog :-P. I know he reads my blog because he bookmarked it on his browser and his his phone.

Does your significant other read your blog? Or do you read your significant other’s blog if they have one?

Anyways I got a postcard from Japan! From Oita to be exact. I went to Japan back in 2007 but I’ve never been to Oita.

Here it is! P.S. The postcard sparkles!

P.P.S. Since I am trying to start up my postcrossing habit again, I’ll post some idioms and sayings in the language where my postcards came from. Good chance is the title has nothing to do with the post! :-P


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7 thoughts on “Mon zen no kozō narawanu kyō wo yomu

    • Aww … well I guess I was a little embarassed that he bookmarked my blog and (our) sister blog. Now I’m not sure why I was embarrassed in the first place.. It’s not like I write terrible things.

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