Slow cooking Sunday

I finally brought my slow cooker to life after not using it for a year and a half.

I decided to try to make Thit Kho on the slow cooker but I also added from fried tofu (as suggested by one of my friends).

So anyways here’s the recipe:




Pork belly

Fried Tofu

Coco Rico (coconut soda)

Fish sauce

1. Boil 5 eggs (or as many as you like) in the pan.

2. Cut the garlic cloves into small pieces or grind it.

3. Cut the pork belly and fried tofu into cubes.

4. Place all the ingredients in the slow cooker. Add coco rico (coconut soda) and pour in fish sauce. Pour in as much fish sauce as you like until you get the desired taste.

I actually slow cooked on high for 3 hours and you’re done!

FYI–it tastes better the next day.

Run from July 16th

Starting point was at Morley Field on Saturday and I decided to run through Balboa Park too!

This looking Upas St leaving Morley Field.

Balboa Park

Pride Parade Festival was happening that day. Didn’t run too far to check out the parade itself though.

The view of downtown SD from Balboa Park Bridge.

Miles ran total that day: 4.16

I’m trying to do a side project to see by totaling all my runs to see how many does it take to run along the West Coast.

Here’s a run I did on July 14th.

Miles ran: 4.16



No internet

No internet for the next 2-3 weeks! So right now I’m just using internet from Pangea Bakery.

So yes I did move but not too far–another five minutes down on the same road but what a difference those five minutes make. I’m closer to downtown San Diego. Closer to more restaurants and places I regularly go. It’s less college town and more something of a place to call my own–I guess that’s what to call it. But yet I’m not too far from work.

Tomorrow Mr. Fish comes home :-).


Looks like I’m moving a lot sooner than expected.

Pretty overwhelmed actually.

So my lease ends August 31st and I gave my landlord a courtesy notice (and my roommates)–you know let the landlord at least 30 days before the lease expires. So I called at that time because I wouldn’t remember later on. This was two weeks ago.

Then the next week, the landlord wanted to do a walk through and told me that since my two roommates are staying, they can sign a new lease as early as August 15th which was fine but that meant looking for a place by August 1st to me.  So I apartment hunted and I found a new place :-).

This morning I get a message from the landlord that they would sign the new lease on August 1st. I was pretty shocked because it meant moving out all my stuff this week instead of August 1st as planned. Also not just moving out but cleaning everything up and making it orderly. I feel really rushed. And it gives not even two weeks for my roommates to find a replacement.

The good out of all this is that I’m not penalized for leaving before August 31st. That was my main worry because why else would my landlord try to make me leave early…but we’ll see…

So this is moving week…already…two weeks early.

How to ask a girl out

On G-chat
Mr Fish: Idk
  There’s this girl I wanna bring along.
I’m pretty shy to ask
 me: Aww why you shy?
Mr. Fish: Cuz she’s cute
  And pretty
 me: Aww
  Cute girls make you shy?
Mr. Fish: Yes
me: Maybe you need to drink more
 Mr. Fish: Lol
 me: Or…ask her out on Facebook or something
  send a text message
Mr. Fish: Ok ill give it a try
 me: Ok
  did you ask her already?
Mr. Fish: Yea
me: Aww
 oh wait what’s this?
  It’s on my Facebook