Korres Pomegranate Balancing Moisturizer

I’m almost done with this moisturizer so I think I could write a review about it.

I like how it mattified the oily parts of my face but I didn’t like finding flakey skin at the end of the day :-/. So disappointed since everyone raved about it.

I probably wouldn’t buy this again.

Price: 32 USD for 1.4 oz. That’s 22 USD per oz.

I’m currently using Garnier Moisture Rescue Gel Cream. It’s about 7.00 USD for 1.7 oz—about 4.11 USD per oz. I’ll let you know when I’m almost done with this one. I hope I like this one better–it’ll be so much easier on the wallet.

Dear Mr. Fish,

Dear Mr. Fish,

For your information, happiness isn’t always contagious. I do enjoy that you’re in a good mood but to some people, I know you say that people like to see a happy person because they would smile back too. But unfortunately, that feeling is not always mutual.

- Julie

P.S. It’s the hardest thing for me to say.

P.P.S. Here’s the prequel.

Seven things I like Sunday

1. Working out — I need to remind myself that I do like to work out and go to the gym. The thing is, this year, I’ve been sick quite a few times I wouldn’t go to the gym for a while. I think it’s important to remind myself that one of my favorite things to do is work out, do yoga, and be active.

2. Blogging (for myself)  – I know another thing I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember. But from blogging I guess I found that I can love myself and it lets me think out loud. I like to post things I like and things I hope I don’t forget. I actually like to backtrack and read previous entries and laugh out loud how silly it was to think that way at the time and from then how I evolved my thoughts.

3. Hearing from Mr. Fish that this relationship is better than his last one.

Seriously, it’s just so nice hear from a guy who does not frequently mention how brilliant his last girlfriend is or wonder what ever happened to the last girl he dated and why it didn’t work, etc. He doesn’t mentioned any of that at all. He knows what’s past is the past and there’s just no point in dating . It doesn’t make me question my worth or how I hold up to Mr. Fish to the other girls. In general he didn’t really mention about his ex-girlfriend unless I ask. But this time, he was able to mention it without me asking and it’s about how our relationship was better than his old relationship and that made me smile.

Note to self: I need to stop asking or worrying about how his ex is like. I know she’s our mutual friend’s sister and I’ve never met her but I need to keep telling myself I don’t need to see her. And I need to stop wondering what our friends think of me and wonder if they compare me to her or if they think less of me, etc. I brought that concern up today to Mr. Fish and it kind of made me realize what a silly question. I mean they got a lot of nerve to think less of me because like Mr. Fish said, this relationship is a lot better than his last one.

4. Korres Quercetin and Oak Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Serum – an alternative to retinol

5. Wearing white — and it’s not just for weddings!


6. Playing dress up – In the women’s book club we were talking about dressing up–do we dress up to attract attention? To me, I don’t dress up to attract attention or try to get a guy or actually I don’t dress up for Mr. Fish. I just like to dress up for the sake of dressing up.

7. Kayaking — I still need to develop those photos.


Dear Los Angeles…

Dear Los Angeles,

I’ll see you tomorrow. It’s been too long. I’ve been exploring San Diego for a while from hitting up downtown to climbing up to the top of a three-tier waterfall in Julian.

It’s been fun and all, but I miss you. I think I need a mini break to visit my old stomping grounds and meeting up with old friends. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I last been there. According to my 365 project the last time I’ve been there was when my friend’s car got towed.

I’m not saying I’m trying to relive my college life again by visiting. I just genuinely miss these people. Ah man, I remembered I would use to go there often with another friend from SD and it made me feel with each progressing visit just got well…depressing. I remembered when we’d make a the trip we’d go on about how L.A. this and that and how lively it is but as we kept making visits we were just feeling bleh…it’s hard to explain.

I feel like my visit back to you is just a mental health break and not just a connecting train stop before hitting up my hometown. To see old friends again and walk around places I use to walk around.

Hopefully I wake up early to get to work, finish early, and beat the traffic on the way.

Please don’t let there be horrendous traffic!!

Anyways see you tomorrow,



Single Female Roommate

I’ve usually have been the single roommate or if I had a boyfriend, I didn’t see him for a long time and it was usually any of my roommates who had a boyfriends they see on a regular basis so I usually don’t see them.

So while they have their fun, I tred to find something to do.

And usually I was the roommate who didn’t have much do except for work and going to the gym. And now I decided to do the book club and I know after book club I want to probably walk in some math and engineering courses before I start class in the fall. I mean before I just worked and worked out and then watched TV and looking at my roommates one who is taking classes and the other one is studying for her MCAT. I know my MCAT roommate is trying to get into med school because she does miss being in school. Anyways the before lifestyle was just so monotonous and not very fulfilling, but the new lifestyle with book club and my boyfriend it’s so much better. I’m so much happier.

I feel awful telling Mr. Fish about what happened. I don’t want him to think he’s not making me happy it’s just the opposite–the complete opposite. It’s nice to have someone to talk to and someone who supports you. Someone to talk to that you don’t need to beat around the bush–you can always come clean.

You see…female roommates would really like to have their female roommates to be single until they have a boyfriend. I notice this in all spectrums of female relationships. A fellow single female roommate is your wingwoman, the one who is your designated driver, the one where you see two guys at a bar and say one guy for you and one guy for me, etc.

Anyways, look I don’t think my roommates meant to leave me out tonight. I came back home from the gym and I see my two roommates getting ready to leave for dinner and a movie and just left. Then a couple minutes later one of my roommates comes back to the house asking me if I wanted to go with them too and they didn’t ask me because they didn’t know what time I was going to leave.

I told her “no” because I needed to do laundry and I was going to LA tomorrow right after work. You see, before I didn’t have much going on in my life and now I do and I need to remind myself that I’m going on a different schedule and that for the longest time I stayed home while my roommates went out with their boyfriends. I told her maybe we can do something next week except for Monday and Wednesdays because I have book club and I don’t come home until past nine.

I sort of think it was messed up that they just left and then suddenly came back asking me if I wanted to come along. Usually a more considerate person would say “hey we’re going to dinner and a movie feel free to hang out” or not say anything at all and leave. Not leave and come back as if they didn’t anything wrong–it’s just poor timing. That’s something my dad taught me when it came to social skills–timing.

All I need to do is remind myself that I’m not doing a bad thing for joining book club, bonding, and hanging out with my boyfriend. I’m only feeling bad for myself because I’m being left out. Like I said this is new because it’s been a while since I’ve had a busy schedule.


Dear Opportunity,

Let’s get this rolling and don’t worry I’ll still work really hard for momentum.

- Julie


Dear Tuesday,
It’s a slow day at work, I hope o get as much done at work as possible.

- Julie