Happy Anniversary!

Happy one year anniversary since I started moving to San Diego!

So…what better way to celebrate by talking about this article on Psychology Today. Though the idea is simple, I thought it was nice reminder about how to make friends during adulthood and how friends just don’t show up at your doorstep. It kind of described what my year was like in San Diego–all about trying to make new friends. I have to say, I think I finally am starting to make new friends and meeting people and be a little bit more comfortable my social awkwardness.

The one advice that stood out to me from the article was to stick your neck out and be friends with the people you want to be friends with–something I wish I carried when it came to meeting people. Yeah..I know there’s people you meet and all you have to do is flash a smile and they still look miserable–well…don’t waste your time around those people. I don’t care if they happen to have bad day you kind of don’t want to be around them anyways–it takes more effort to act nasty anyways. I remembered at first I thought maybe with my smiling as I walk down the halls or anywhere, I may have came off as pushy for flashing a smile but then…again…it’s just a smile.

Speaking of friends and starting over, my childhood friend actually relocated to San Diego a couple weeks ago because he got a job a couple weeks ago! It’s so nice to know that someone I know is here.

So anyways it’s been a year since I moved to SD–even though so much has happened…things are slowly changing–slooooowly changing. I’m happy to say that almost a year later, I find myself to find myself in the process of making meaningful friends :-). I’ll elaborate more on that later. It’s getting late–in fact way past my bedtime.

New mattress


I’m so happy to finally get myself a grown up bed!! Yes, that is full size mattress!! and it’s memory foam too! I got it from IKEA for 229.00!

Here is before (from the old apartment)

Before Part II (twin size mattress on a full size frame–nine months later)

But FYI, I still got some ways to go with decorating my room but it already looks so much better.

Upcoming home improvement projects:

- nightstand

- curtains for downstairs and my room

- wall decor–there are patches of discoloration in my room

- storing my shoes

- storing my papers and other stuff

Inspired by Kandinsky Improvisation No. 23

So we have this painting and we actually use this as our color scheme for our first floor in the house.

The one in our living room is actually more blue. So anyways we decided to stick with blue, black, taupe, brown, and beige. So far, our living room looks like this:

It’s so hard to find a couch cover for our couch because it’s so long so I decided to get 15 feet of fabric and voila–couch cover. I actually feel that maybe we can add more pillows or something blue or cream. I was thinking of hanging something on this wal. Here is the before btw.

I actually hemmed the table cloth. So actually, the chairs came with the place–I was thinking maybe replacing these chairs and get more of an ebony color. Also change the painting maybe have like two or three little paintings that coordinate with the blue table cloth the painting seems to wash out the dining area.

A more organized closet

Since I have such generous closet space…I’d like to make my closet look a little bit more like this:


Maybe at least have something to store my shoes instead of them having lay all over the front door.

What else…maybe a box for my out of season clothes like heavy sweaters or maybe for skirts–things I really can’t hang…still figuring this out.

Finish line!

I finally completed the 365 day photo project and I’m surprised I went through the whole thing. It’s interesting how much has changed in a year and how fast it goes by.

Day one was my last day at my student job with a thank you card and day 365 ended with rugala–not very climatic but hey other interesting things happened along  the way. Like the hot mess that happened on my birthday which I won’t explain but feel free to e-mail me! Also I remembered starting day one, I had no job and I was back in truck town. Then in a couple weeks I ended up in San Diego in a neighborhood called Mira Mesa with my aunt and uncle. Then a couple months later I moved to an apartment. It was extremely minimalist. Since neither me nor my roommate never had the need of buying furniture in the past, we had an empty living room throughout our whole lease. I finally found another place which is nice–it’s a charming townhouse and our living room is furnished and I finally have a bed frame!

What else in regards to looking back–well, I started work in October and I realized I have not taken a single day of vacation and I was really lucky to have a coworker to give me a spare standby ticket and off to Bay Area I went to meet up with friends I haven’t seen in a while :-D. Check it out herehere, here, and here!

Here’s some fillers too from here and here for recap.

It was fun doing a 365 photo project. It makes me look back at all the things throughout the year and how much I enjoyed them both good and bad. I think it also helped me eased my transition from moving from LA to San Diego though I feel like I haven’t quite established some strong relationships yet. Well I have few–very few. Lots of fleeting folks that come in and out like a revolving door and I wonder when I’ll be introduced to them again. Sometimes I get lucky and I do see them again–times I think it’s like some sort of second chance or maybe they’re really friendships worth making.


Overview of my list

Yes! I finally finished the 365 Photo project! That was number 46 on my to-do list.

Let’s see what other things I’ve accomplished since I did my 365:

#14 – Move into a new apartment/flat when I get a job (Jan 2010)

#22 I saw 7 of the 25 movies on the top 25 movies

#23 Buy my own coffee maker

#24 Start saving up for retirement

#25 Start up an emergency fund

#27 Buy a new digital camera

#34 Read 11 of the 50 books

#37 Attend a Broadway show

#39 Learn at least two cultures – Kazahkstan

#44 Learned some dessert recipes

#48 Visit San Francisco

#56 Get a new cell phone

#58 Studying guitar

#60 Donate rice

#64 Go to a farmer’s market

#69 Find 101 things that inspire me

#80 Visit 8/10 different beaches

#90 Go out with friends and dress them up to the nines

#96 Buy a pair of TOMS shoes

#98 Register 6 dollar bills on wheresgeorge.com

#100 Start composting

#101 Start this trend to at least 5 people –not quite completed :-/

Day 365


Whoa, last day of my photo-a-day. I was thinking of going until the end of the year but since the project is called 365 Day Photo Project, it stops there. Anyways, I’m happy to end it with rugala!

Anyways it’s pretty late, I’ll do some recapping later…I got work tomorrow.

Day 363

At North Park’s Heaven Sent Desserts. This my third time this week I’ve been to this neighborhood–first time on Friday after happy hour with the coworkers–we went bar and club hopping, second time at this jazz bar, and third showing a friend around the neighborhood. People  told me this place is where a lot of the young professionals live around the area and a good place to meet them too. It may  be too farfetched but I’d like to live in this neighborhood when my lease is up (btw, my lease would be up next year).