Day 355


Cable fail once again. Grr….They tell me that they need to put the dish on the roof because they can’t put it in the patio…but eh…we’ll probably look into something else. I mean asking my landlord and permission from the homeowner’s association is a little too much. I was not aware we need to get a dish in the first place.

Day 351


August 26

Cable person fail. We were suppose to get cable between 4-8 that day and I called around 6 pm wondering when they were coming over and they told me how they called me so many times and passed by my place and I told them that my phone never rang and it turns out they called the wrong number. So…cable on Monday I guess…

Day 350

August 25, 2010

Amber’s days are numbered in San Diego (ok, she lives in Carlsbad)…anyways enjoying the view from Banker’s Hill.

Day 349

August 24, 2010

These double decker bus at Solana Beach have been around lately due to the Del Mar horse races!

Day 348

August 23, 2010

Went to the zoo with Katrina and Nick…lets just say I won’t look at pandas the same way for a while.

Day 346

August 21, 2010

Started the day at the Original Pancake House.

Ended the day with Katrina and Nick and went on a pub crawl for a bit with my coworkers.