Day 293

June 29, 2010

For six months my friend loaned me her student ID card to take free rides on certain bus routes and it sure saved me a lot of money and I was able to pay off  my credit card (I have one more to go)! And I was able to save that money for my next place (which is now my current place). But now since  free rides sticker expired and the ID card is too old even get a new sticker, I have to go back to paying 72 dollars a month to buy a bus pass.

Seven things I like Sunday

1. TOY STORY 3!!!

2. My new phone!!! I can now blog on the go if I want to!

3. Tips on minimalism

4. Meeting fellow relocates like me whether its for work or for grad school — they just seem so much easier to talk to, more chill I guess. Maybe they’re just as awkward as me

5. Anything that fuels my imagination

6. Startlite Bar in Old Town — who knew this shack from outside looked so pretty

7. Looking back on how fast a year  has gone by with your old friends

Day 291

One of my goals on my list is to host a dinner party. This place sure scream summer BBQ!

Isn’t this area a cool place to set your food or have a bar area?

I can definitely see see a grill in this patio. :-) Or maybe we can set our food on this table and we can all eat inside.

Day 290

June 26, 2010

Taking pictures of Alice’s new apartment–well only the things that we found when we first moved in. Gosh, moving is so annoying–just the packing, the driving back and forth, and telling everyone you changed your address–I hope I don’t do that for a while. FYI, she’s very nitpicky.

Oh yes, like I said, today was Happy Anniversary. It made us realize today exactly a year ago me and Coel helped Alice moved from her old apartment to her townhouse that time. And now today we helped her moved from her townhouse to her new apartment. June 2009, Coel and I came all the way down from LA to help her move which was nice because at the time I haven’t seen Alice in three years. That day was also nice because Coel got a phone call that he got a job in LA after 7 months of searching! I mean three months later, I got a job in San Diego and moved down myself. Man…that townhouse sure brings a lot of memories and it’s a reminder how fast a year goes by.

Day 289

June 25, 2010

My coworker’s last day in San Diego. The party was hosted by my other coworker–he’s got a nice house huh?

Then afterwards we went bar hopping. We went to Starlite bar which was down the street.  It looks like an ugly shack on the outside but sophisticated on the inside. Guess what? I didn’t spend anything at the bar–didn’t have the urge to spend because we ate and drank at the house party. Unfortunately I still failed my 15 dollar challenge--but I’m willing to try again. I guess my major money eater is FOOD and stuff for the house. Not so much social life.

I took this pictures from my droid but I just got a wordpress app. Maybe I can blog on the go!

Day 288

June 24, 2010

Still looking for that person to fill in this room. It’s 575 a month for your own room and we get a 20% discount with SDGE. We’ve gotten A LOT visitors but no responses. I’ve been calling and following up on everyone’s answers but no one has said anything :-(. In retrospect, yes I feel bad for what I said but then again no good deed goes unpunished–she wasn’t being honest and I said she should considered looking for another place but in consequence we have to look for someone to fill the spot. People have told me if they wished they would’ve called out the red flags earlier on their roommate instead of wait later for the problems to get worse. But wait…there’s more but I’ll explain on a later post…In the end, I feel it was just luck.

Anyways I failed the 15 dollar challenge. I got sick and I had to buy medicine and wet jet broom. :-(

Day 286

June 22, 2010

I ordered my Droid phone last week and it’s finally here :-D. Good bye sprint–and goodbye to dropped calls in San Diego!

Also I can cross off something from my list: #56 Get a new cell phone. I actually need to update my list.

Today we went to this workshop on bioprocessing for work and we got to hear about how other companies use different methods (machines and media) to culture their cells. It made me realize that doing different methods don’t just happen overnight–it takes a lot of time. For examples the bioreactor we’re comparing the yields and cost of use between that and flasks/roller bottles. Yes, there is quite a some trouble shooting along the way bugs with the machine but it was good to know that it takes to time to test and experiment with different culturing methods. When we first got the bioreactor in, it was so frustrating because our cells kept dying due to the fact air wasn’t going into the machine therefore not flowing into the bag, faulty pH probe,  etc but hey it’s a learning experience.