Day 209

I got this postcard from Kim of Sarawak, Malaysia. Thank you Kim!

And here’s the caption about this postcard.

and stamps of course!

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4 thoughts on “Day 209

    • awww…well I’ve sent five postcards and they were already registered that they received it so I get five postcards in return. There are two currently on its way but there hasn’t been any indication that they received it yet so I don’t get any postcards until they’re registered.

      I was at CVS today and I bought a postcard for you! I will put it in the post office tomorrow.

  1. Your collection is going really well, so far I have Germany and England. I have two incoming but who knows when they could be here. It certainly gets me checking my mailbox everyday.

    I’m sure I’ve seen that stamp before when my Uncle went on some kind of jungle expedition he sent me a postcard from somewhere in South East Asia so that might be why!

  2. Hi Julie! Dropping by to say Hello. I’m the girl that sent you this postcard.

    About the stamps… this is kinda the ‘default’ stamp in our country. POS Malaysia does release fancy and beautiful stamps every month, but only the main post offices sell them.

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