Day 195

March 24

For people who cook for one: so I’m doing the shop European style where you only just buy whatever you want to cook that night or following morning instead doing one big trip plus a bunch of things on impulse. I don’t shop daily–probably just 2 times per week. I feel it really has cut down the grocery bill and less expired food in the fridge because I’m not buying things I MIGHT making during the week but don’t know what day.

Day 192

Went to Carlsbad Outlet, I bought a skirt that was originally priced at 378 that went down to 89 dollars that went down to 39 dollars–nice! If you look further out there’s the Carlsbad Flower fields. We didn’t visit it and not all the flowers are fully bloomed.

Half of this closet is now empty. I’m trying to figure out what to do with the other half. Maybe I should put Josh’s desk there and have one of those office spaces in a closet–if the desk can fit.

You know what, I’ve never been to the bay area. I was talking to a friend who goes to grad school in Berkeley. I was thinking of visiting the area maybe May(??).

Day 191

March 20, 2010

Went out karoaking at Koreatown and then went out for ramen in Little Tokyo. My friend’s car got towed in 2nd street but…his car wasn’t the only car that got towed, 2nd street was completely filled with parked cars and in about hour the street was completely empty–they got rid of all these cars in an hour? Cars along Cesar Chavez got towed too. There was a no parking sign due to the LA marathon but the thing was a lot of people claimed they never saw the sign. If 2nd street was empty, they would’ve thought twice before parking there. Anyways, my friend got his car back with no problem other than paying a 209 dollar fine.

I’m going to guess that the LA marathon is sponsored by towed cars. Just kidding folks…

Despite the crazy night, LA sure makes me nostalgic. You know in SD people always go “oh man LA is so terrible and so dirty. Who in the world would want to live in LA?” Well…3 million people live in LA and I lived there too and I turned out perfectly fine. Honestly I wouldn’t want to have my young life in LA any other way.