Day 171

Went to church for the first time in SD with my coworkers. I would really like to go use my vacation time to go some part of the world and volunteer anything! Actually one of my coworkers is planning to go to China for the summer and teach.

Day 170

Feb 27, 2010

The sewage system is clogging!

Was at Alice’s house watched two movies, Coraline and The Hangover. Found out my roommate is going to move out of the apartment after winter quarter. I have to rearrange the budget *sighs*…and I am thinking of maybe staying in this apartment. I mean…after this…I just realized I’d rather just stay in this apartment and look for committed roommates. Looking through other apartments and hearing friend’s reviews and whatnot, I think we’ve got the best apartment in the neighborhood and comparing prices, this is priced right. And I just want to settle already!

Day 169

Feb 26, 2010

Coel is 25 years olds well…the day after this he’ll be 25. Went to a Tajima Restaurant for dinner.

Also I made cupcakes and they’re vegan. So far…people are not puking and they love it!

They’re suppose to be red velvet but for some reason the chocolate is in the outside and the red is on the inside. I guess I did not put enough food coloring but people said that’s a pretty cool looking effect. Anyways in progress of completing number 44: Make 20 different dessert recipes. I’d like to make a rhubarb cupcakes sometime.

Day 168

Feb 25, 2010

Everytime I open the fridge–I am not exaggerating, I feel the fridge has exploded. So much food!

Sorry I haven’t uploaded in a while.

Happy birthday was just a chill kick back and I made vegan cupcakes, though I am not vegan.

My new roommate moved in her stuff in the living room.

But…guess what?? I got my own room now. My roommate is moving out after finals due to personal reasons. She said that she’d offer to look for a replacement but I’d rather not… When I was apartment hunting with my roommate I made sure that the apartment was what I can afford at full price for my own room plus affording to pay utilities. I would never think about slicing the price in half because I knew things could/would happen. I mean…from experience, looking for a roommate is hard and making your roommate stay is hard too and I would rather splurge to to get my own room. I feel one of the things worth splurging on is getting is your own space.

Since my roommate is leaving, I should buy myself dishes and utensils since I got loaners from her. I’m so happy that I’m getting a table from Alice for 25 dollars. There’s finally going to be furniture folks!

It’s Girl Scout season time folks! It’s actually simple to make some Tagalongs I actually have most of the ingredients and check out the Samoas (my favorite) too. But since it’s my friend’s birthday coming up this weekend, I promised to bake a cake.