Day 101 and recap

Look what I got at last night’s White Elephant — yay for memory foam pillows! But I won’t open them yet until I move in.

Anyways we finally hit three digits in the 365 Day photo project. Sorry I haven’t updated that frequently, I’ve been busy with Christmas stuff and organizing for my move. But you know it’s pretty interesting taking a picture everyday until day 365 because it tracks your accomplishments and you find yourself that time goes by pretty fast. Anyways here’s an overview over the past 100 days and I’m pleased that I’ve gotten pretty far from Day one. Further than I ever expected.

Day one – my last day at my student job

Day two – last day at UCLA

Day three - Bye bye co-op

Day six - Welcome home

Day nine - my sister’s first day of school

Day 16 – moving away from trucktown

Day 17 – First day in SD and EJ’s birthday! Oh and my camera starts dying on me.

Day 18 - my temporary room

Day 25 - my new bedroom

Day 26 - my first day of work

Day 27 – Anna’s birthday at Crab Hut

Day 32 - I love free laundry

Day 35 – Got a mug from work with my name on it!

Day 64 - Got a new camera!

Day 65 – my uncle’s birthday!

Day 69 – My cousin’s birthday!

Day 71- I love the view from my work place

Day 72 - Alice’s Birthday

Day 77 - Back to LA for this Thanksgiving weekend

Day 81 - new schedule!

Day 88 - First rain in ages

Day 93 - I like this drawing because I drew that!

Day 94 - Distracting you with Christmas decorations for a good reason

Day 95 – contemplating grad school…with everyone…but really…I would like to know what to do with my post college life by the time I’m 25 or 26 or 27…I hope I’m successful with my job.

Day 96 – The truth is…I got an apartment!!

Day 98 - Look at the gifts I got at work–I’m so pleased!

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3 thoughts on “Day 101 and recap

    • oh thank you MarQ! I can’t wait to see the pictures next year. For me…they’re not really intended for artistic purpose, just taking them for the sake of documenting.

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