My little sister’s Halloween

jenevieve for first halloween

For my sister’s first halloween at 4 months old she was a pumpkin. But two years later she’s transformed into a princess…

sisterschoolhalloweenMy mom sew this princess costume–she’s a really good seamstress. Look at it! It’s so elaborate for a 2 year old. That veil is so long I wonder if she tripped on herself. I really think my mom should do some sort of “Project Runway” and represent the farm girls. It made me think of all the times my mom sew all my clothes, pajamas and dresses while growing up. Even in high school and college she sewed my dresses too.

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2 thoughts on “My little sister’s Halloween

  1. how adorable!!! it’s funny how your baby sister has the same expression from when she was 4months to 2years.

    luckily you have a mom who could sew–she can tailor your clothes when you need it. jealous!

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