Thursday Thirteen: The Snapple Facts

Truth is...#1 I hate Snapple

I got this meme from here So let’s  start with the basics–13 things about me:

2. I was born in Chicago, — when I was around my family and I relocated to San Diego for work and that was how we got to California.

3. For you Filipinos out there, my dad was born in Quezon City and grew up in Davao. My mom is from Cotobato/General Santos (she’s really from a microscopic town nearby called Roxas) . Oh and if you’re really Filipino, my dad is an Ateneo-an (this is for a friend who went to La Salle).

4. I’ve been playing the violin since I was nine years old and will eventually elaborate because it went on to becoming half my life!

5. I first started blogging when I was around 15-16 — I had a Xanga remember those? In fact the majority of my high school class had a Xanga, I found it really interesting reading everyone’s different perspective about the same thing. In my opinion blogging has definitely transcends all the trends like facebook, twitter, and myspace.

6. I’ve driven through pretty much everyday state West of the Mississippi–even Alaska. And the West side of Canada (Yukon, British Columbia, and Alberta).

7. Back to the music thing sorry, but I can pretty name name the era and style of music played on the radio and explain why through techniques beyond saying “classical music because there’s only instruments.” I would NEVER say that.

8. I did go to school in the Manila for a little bit when I was 5 or 6 years old.

9.  I really am from the “middle of nowhere”. It’s so funny how people tell me “I always pass by those little towns and I wonder how people are like there and now I met you.”

10.  I had a digital camera that lasted for 5 years but sadly it’s got to go :-(.

11. Before the U.S. my parents lived and work in Iraq for 5 years. I wonder if that company is still running.

12. Recently my most frequently asked question is “are you going to graduate/profesional school?” or “Why are you NOT  in graduate/professional school? This is a bad economy.” The truth is eventually I’ll go back to graduate school but, I felt like I missed out on a lot of things I wanted to do during college and I want to over compensate since I finished my bachelors. My main focus is doing well in my job (Ideally successful).

13. I can be pretty competitive–not that I mean to!

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