“People cut the…

“People cut themselves off from their ties of the old life when they come to Los Angeles. They are looking for a place where they can be free, where they can do things they couldn’t do anywhere else.”

Tom Bradley

Rant: 4 am

It’s funny when I first started Facebook my feed had the following photos and statuses:

  • Things people did over the weekend (usually it was dorm or house parties and clubbing
  • People hanging out in the room playing video games, studying, or smoking
  • Complaining school is hard

Now my feed has photos and statuses of:

  • engagement rings
  • weddings
  • giving birth
  • ultrasounds
  • talking/preaching about motherhood

Today, on my feed I had this status:

“It is so amazing how much you can get done when your up at 4 am with a baby laundry is done and folded dishes are done and put away _____s lunch is made coffee made just waiting for ____ to get up so i can put the laundry away lets hope today continues to be this productive”

First of all, why are there no punctuation marks? There wasn’t even a period at the end of this status.

I know I’m not the best writer but this is just awful. Maybe an accomplishment can be proof-reading your status? You did wake up at 4 am — maybe take a minute to proofread before you post your status. It’s unbearable.

Probably what made me sick was the part “It is so amazing how much you can get done when your up at 4 am with a baby”. It’s like nobody EVER wakes up at 4 am unless you have a baby. Plenty of people without babies wake up at 4 am for the following reasons:

  • Work
  • Work, because you got a long commute
  • Work, because you got a report due that day (Been having plenty of those)
  • School, because you got an exam or a report due in a few hours (Had plenty of those too)
  • You have to pee really bad and you can’t go back to sleep
  • You can’t sleep because you woke up from a nightmare
  • Something loud like sirens
  • Natural disasters like earthquake or maybe just rain :-P
  • One night stand and you got to leave before s/he wakes up
  • Getting ready to go to the gym before work

See what I mean… Plenty of people all over the world wake up at 4 am. A lot people, including myself, sees sleeping in as a luxury. I would feel terrible if I sleep in whenever I wanted everyday.

Self-psychoanalysis via the Last 5 Books I’ve Read

I got this idea from The Daily Post. I think this might be hilarious. I will go with “self-psychoanalysis” of the last 5 books I’ve read/picked up.

Not sure if it’s something I would read cover to cover. It’s been too long. I think that’s my 2014 goal. Most of the books I’ve read lately are cookbooks and reference books.

1. Calculus the Easy Way by Douglass Downing- This is actually my dad’s book when he was in college. It helped me out with my college years. You see, my fiance is currently taking calculus and he’s spending a lot of time studying. I read him an excerpt and found it surprisingly entertaining. Maybe he’ll use this book to help him with his class because he had so much fun listening to me read it. For self-psychoanalysis, it tells people I hold onto things of value and I like math.

2. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card- It reveals I only read books when there’s going to be a movie coming out soon or I’ve already seen the movie. I feel this is the first book of literature I intend to finish from cover to cover for 2014. My fiance had this book since…a while.

3. “Pure Vanilla“by Shauna Sever - Other than the fact that I love baking, I think I got this book because people do see me as “Vanilla”. This cookbook will show people to never underestimate vanilla again. I wonder if I keep cooking with vanilla, people will never underestimate me again… Maybe I am a complex and intriguing.

4. “It’s All Good” by Gwyneth Paltrow – It shows I love cooking and I bought this on impulse.

5. “Lonely Planet 1000 Ultimate Experiences” – This is a staple book in our living room. I’ve had this book for the past couple years. I bought this book when I decided to go on vacation to South East Asia in 2012. Then I went to NYC a couple months later. It’s a great book for our upcoming trips. I think we might inspire these experiences for our upcoming honeymoon. Who knows. Other revealing my love for travel — I am a bucket list freak.

Public speaking

As of Friday, I signed up for a Public Speaking Course through the University of Washington on Coursera. The course started last Monday and today is Sunday 10:11 PM and I finished the first week of the course. I need to finish my assignment which is due Tuesday.

I am taking a public speaking course to practice my public speaking. I have learned that writing is not the same as speaking. The job I am currently at — 7 months later, I learned I needed to work on my public speaking skills. I am speaking to more people nowadays – I would think it’s something I would pick up naturally, when really I need some extra practice. When I say “public speaking”, it does not necessarily mean speaking to 100 people. When I say “public speaking” — I mean the ability to get my point across at meeting (usually consists of 10 people at most). I guess there has been some situations when my mind has been so scattered and distracted that day and it shows during the meeting.

My boss told me the other day I was dragging during the meeting — which I tend to do. He knew I was nervous, which I was. I guess I was worried when I was leading the meeting it was very shorter than the previous meetings I’ve lead. I told him that after the meeting, I realized I shouldn’t have mentioned (fill in the blank) to (fill in the blank). (Fill in the blank) is so minor and didn’t affect the project — it’s useless to mention it. Every week, I’ve encountered major issues to report — I was uncomfortable that there were no issues to report this week.

He told me that knowing when and what to hold back takes practice too. In the past, I just haven’t had a lot of opportunities to do pubic speaking. I have a lot of catching up to do.

We created a food blog!

Khoi and I made a food blog called j+k eat _____”. I think it can be read as “j+k eat blank“. We are not sure how to title it yet. Maybe we’ll retitle it as “j+k eat [blank]“ because I think some people will read it as “j+k eat …” Then again, part of me thinks either title would work.

2014-04-06 03.30.09

Why did we create a food blog? 

This is my second attempt at food blogging. I created my first blog because a former coworker told me I should create a food blog since I post a lot of photos of my home-cooked meals on Instagram. What my former coworker does not realize is that the photos I posted are recipes I’ve done 2-3 times before I even take a picture. I have attempted plenty of recipes from Bon Appetit magazine but most of the recipes required a little bit of adjusting. Most of the time it’s because I thought the original recipe had too much salt or too much sugar. I adjusted the ingredients to my liking and then I share. Creating a blog dedicated to all my home cooking took a lot of work and I felt I was under pressure to create blog posts. I decided to let that go. I was not really interested in mixing my recipes blog to my personal blog either.

With attempt two, I decided to make it a little different. I still wanted to share photos of things I make but I did not want it to be the focus. I also wanted to share photos of food from restaurants we’ve visited. I think what makes it different is Khoi is part of it too. It helps when he writes and takes photos.

Khoi didn’t mind posting on this blog but I really want to leave this blog for my thoughts and non-food photos. It might be too confusing.


Saturday picnic at Lake Balboa

It was a good BBQ despite starting my day by going to the dentist early morning for a deep cleaning. I got 2 more treatments to go plus I have a follow-up cleaning. These frequent dentist visits — as in once a month dentist visits are wearing me out. I accidently scheduled a cleaning on the same day as Mr. Fish’s friends wedding. Got to reschedule it again!




Engagement photoshoot

So today did not rain and we actually went through an engagement photoshoot. It was surprisingly a lot of fun and our photographer helped us get comfortable in front of the camera.

Here’s some behind the scenes pics… No actual pics yet. I know I have been posting on Instagram and Facebook but hey, let a girl enjoy her moment in the spotlight. I don’t really mention wedding details on Facebook or Instagram so I sure when I posted some behind-the-scenes, it brought some people to a shock (I’ll talk more about that later).

2014-03-23 14.40.52

2014-03-23 15.00.302014-03-23 15.25.30

Yes, it is a Rent The Runway gown! I honestly wished I rented another gown for the day.2014-03-23 16.23.06 2014-03-23 16.46.15

I think we need to start dining more at Old Town Pasadena. I never knew this existed.

2014-03-23 17.10.41

We also did a shoot in downtown LA because we wanted a photoshoot at The Last Bookstore. Unfortunately, that closed due to a wedding. We did take some pictures of us at the lobby.
2014-03-23 17.46.56Then we ended our day at the Disney Concert Hall.

Tuesday Ten: Green LA

Surprise! LA does have some green around and I’m not talking about kale salad and farmer’s markets.

All photos by me.

1. Temescal Canyon

2014-03-16 11.38.58

See, honey–This is how you take a photo doesn’t matter if it’s on a NEX-3 or a camera phone. Take notes… :-P

2. Plus they have pink flowers!


pink flowers

3. Purple flowers that brighten sidewalks

purple flowers4. Trees that frame buildings.



5. Plants that climb walls.growing

6. Huntington Garden – enough said. It’s like you traveled all over the world without renewing your passport. huntingongardn1 huntington garden

7. Echo Parkechopark

8. Urban gardens

Location: Koreatown

9. Trees

Location: Topanga Beach

10. Many miles worth of hikes

Location: Santa Monica Mountains

santa monica mountans

Location: Stony Point